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Depends on the severity of the accident. But for most pool accidents, you should call 911 and they will help you with any emergency steps that need to be taken.

Even if you pull the kid out and they appear to be fine they should be checked out in the emergency department as they can react later when water gets into their blood vessels from the lungs.

I was told this when my own son was pulled out of a pool. He was fine but not all kids are.

If it is severe enough to call 911 then you probobly don't know what exactly happened to cause the condition. For example if the kid is floating face down in the pool you don't know if he maby hit his head or suffered a spinal injury. 1. your first priority is establishing an airway, this superceeds any other concern including the danger of risking worse spinal injury by moving patient. send someone to call 911 while you turn patient face up trying to keep head inline with body if possible. check for breathing, if not breathing give 2 rescue breaths, remember small children have small lungs so don't blow too hard, Check for a pulse. if patient has a pulse you do not need CPR, DO NOT GIVE CHEST COMPRESSIONS IF PATIENT HAS A PULSE. if pulse is present continue giving rescue breaths 1 every 3 to 5 seconds. If patient vomits clear the airway and continue if not breathing on their own. If a pulse is absent you will need to perform CPR. You need to take a class on CPR because if it is done wrong you can seriously injure or kill your patient. if you get on the phone with an emergency operator stay on line with them till the medics arrive also they can talk you through the processes needed. You can take a CPR and first aid class at a local red cross in just a few hours and for about 60 bucks. you will be so glad you did it if you ever need it, you don't want to be there with your injured child and be helpless to do anything.

ADDITIONAL IDEAI learned something surprising in CPR class--if someone appears to be drowning, you can startrescue breathing IMMEDIATELY--you don't have to get the water out of them like you see on T.V.ANY air you can get into their lungs, regardless of water in their mouth or lungs, may bejust enough oxygen to save their life..
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Q: If a child is in a pool accident what treatment and emergency procedures should be taken?
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