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Assuming he is rated on one vehicle in your household, that policy will likely increase due to this loss, or any vehicle he is rated on.

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Q: If a child on your insurance policy has a no points accident with property damage and totals a car how is the premium affected on all family drivers and vehicles?
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If a car is stolen and has an accident are the vehicles hit covered by insurance?


What is an 'at fault' accident?

It means that you are literally at fault for damages incurred from the accident, including other vehicles, municipal/state property, and the damage caused to your own vehicle. Your insurance will have to pick up the tab on all of this, and the city will probably fine you for crashing and destroying their property.

Will homeowners insurance cover the damages to a uninsured vehicle on the property?

No, homeowners insurance excludes vehicles.

Why is it that the people who own vehicles are the logical candidate for insurance?

The have the property to protect.

If an unlicensed driver was involved in an accident in one of the vehicles on your auto insurance policy Will your insurance cover the charges?

Maybe. Did the unlicensed driver have your permission to be operating the car when the accident occurred? If so, maybe not.

Does homeowners insurance cover a vehicle if it got hailed on while on the property?

No. Homeowners Insurance does not cover Hail damage to an Automobile.Hail damage to an automobile is covered by the vehicles Auto insurance policy. Vehicles are not scheduled property on a homeowners policy.

What is the word used for property recovered by the insurance company?

please explain your question better. Do you mean property such as stolen vehicles?

How much does uninsured motorist insurance cost in New Jersey?

If you get into an accident in New Jersey and are not insured, it will cost you a substantial amount. The cost to repair the vehicle, pay the fines if responsible for the accident and possibly have to pay for some damages done to other vehicles or public property.

Do insurance companies frown upon lending vehicles to friends?

Only if the friend gets into an "at fault" accident.

What if you were in a car accident that was not your fault though you did not have insurance but the vehicle is insured?

If you are NOT at fault you have no responsibility and the vehicles insurance company that is at fault must pay all damages and costs including a rental car. If you are at fault it depends on the vehicles insurance policy if it covers alternate drivers.

Can you tell the conversation between a cyclist and a motorist for the accident of their vehicles?

If you and your vehicle are in an accident, be sure to exchange phone numbers and addresses, as well as insurance, with the other party involved in the accident. Also, be sure that the police are notified of the accident.

Is insurance for commercial vehicles higher than for private vehicles?

insurance for commerical vehicles is higher because of the fact they will be driven more frequently by multiple drivers. The driving distance could vary from short to long. The probabality of being in an accident is greater, as well as lawsuits.

Does homeowners insurance cover car fires when its on your property?

No, vehicles are only covered under auto insurance policies. Homeowners insurance policies provide no coverage for automobiles.

Who pays the medical bills in an accident on a motorcycle for the passenger?

== == If no other vehicles were involved in this accident, the insurance company of the motorcycle driver has to cover the medical bills of the passenger who was injured.

Is vehicle insurance required for all motor powered vehicles in Arizona?

If you ever ride on the public roads you will need insurance. If you are only driving it on private property, then you do not need to get insurance.

What does liability auto insurance cover?

Damages to other's vehicles, property, or persons in an accident where you were found at fault. In "no fault states" each person's policy covers the other's damages without requiring determination of fault.

If someone who does not have insurance drives your car and gets in an accident is your car still insured for damage to other vehicles and yours?


Is it an accident if vehicles do not touch?

Is there more to this question than meets the eye? Basically, if vehicles don't touch then it's difficult to see what accident has happened, but of course, if a body has been squeezed between the vehicles, thereby preventing them from touching, then yes, there has been an accident. Answer: Any Insurance company can be claimed for the damage of the vehicle and not the accident. It is up to the investigating agencies to look into the cause of the damage and ascertain if it was damage to accident in contact with what obstacle. It is not necessary that there a visual contact. Accidents/damages can occur even without a contact for insurance claims to be claimed for.

Do you believe that Quad Bike Insurance is necessary?

"You should always have insurance on your vehicles, regardless of what type. If you get in an accident and don't have insurance, you can be liable for any damages or injury to yourself or others. You should make sure you are protected."

Do you have to add your child to your car insurance if they live at a diffent house hold but primary driver of the car?

Only if you expect your insurance to cover you if the child has an accident. You auto insurance contract states that you are responsible for listing all household members and drivers who drive your vehicles. If you do not do this then you have committed material misrepresentation and the insurance company is then not responsible for paying for the damage from the accident.

Where can one get auto insurance for farm vehicles?

One can purchase auto insurance for farm vehicles from many insurance company's. For instance, Farmers Insurance and State Farm both offer auto insurance for farm vehicles.

What factors determine commercial vehicle insurance rates?

The type of vehicle and its sotred location will have a big effect on insurance cost. Your insurance price may also be affected by the driving history of the employees that will drive the vehicles.

Where can one get an advice on an accident?

With more and more vehicles on the road these days car accidents are becoming more common place. If a person should have a car accident the best place they can turn to for advice on an accident is their own car insurance company.

Who pays when there is an accident involving a vehicle that is insured by someone other than the owner of the vehicle?

Insurance stays with the vehicle, barring any policly exclusions to the contrary, the insurance that covers the vehicle covers that vehicles actions. If you allow someone to drive your vehicle and they have an accident that is their fault your insurance will be the one that takes care of the damages.

What does auto liability insurance cover?

Auto liability insurance is specifically designed to cover any damage caused to other vehicles if you have an accident. It does not cover reapirs to your own vehicle. It is by law the minimum requirement for insurance in every state.