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sue them for "conversion".

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Q: If a collection agency repossesses something they had no legitimate claim to what legal recourse do you have against the company?
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What is a natural recourse?

it's resource not "recourse". It's something that is in nature and it has an ending. For example, Oil, that resource it's almost ending

Can a collection agency receive a judgment if the statute of limitation has passed?

No, C.A'a have no form of legal recourse if the SOL date has passed

What is a renewable resorce?

A renewable recourse is something that can be used over and over like water

What can you do if your car loan was sold to a different finance company and the original company repossesses car without grounds to do so?

Contact a local attorney and have your paperwork ready. If theres a dollar to be made, they will tell you quickly. Dont be surprised if you find out the ORIGINAL lender had to take the loan back when you were in default. Its called 'recourse".

What recourse do I have for Dentists in Mexico if something goes wrong?

you can go to court, ask them to fix it, or do nothing

How long does a third party collection agency have to collect on a debt after the debt is charged off by the original creditor?

There is no time limit placed on their collection efforts to collect a debt. However, there is a SOL for legal recourse and for how long it can report on your credit reports. Reporting time is 7 years and so far as the SOL for legal recourse you would have to check your state laws to see how long.

What are the rights to private lenders who are investors which hold second mortgages?

In California, a second loan can be recourse or non-recourse, depending on if it were originated as a cash out second or a second based on a purchase money loan. The cash out scenario (recourse) lender has the option to foreclose on the property and pay off the first lender. Not often done. If the first lender forecloses then in California the recourse (second) lender (in a cash out transaction of course) can turn that loan into a personal debt or collection.

Which states are non-recourse?

is california

Is a car loan considered recourse or non-recourse debt?

I think is non recourse debt

What is recourse funding?

Recourse funding is a type of loan for which collateral is placed. The difference between recourse and non-recourse funding is that in recourse funding, if the collateral sells for less than the amount left on the loan, the lender can go after other assets. In non-recourse funding, the lender would have to absorb the loss.

My credit report shows a delinquent account from 2005 a collection agency is listing it now reported as of 6 2009 is that legal?

No it is called re-aging which is federal violation, collection agencies do this to refresh the SOL so they have legal recourse to sue you for the debt.

Is there any kind of legal recourse for the victim of a sociopath?

i don't think so, unless you did something against the law.

Is Georgia a non recourse debt state?

"Is Georgia a non recourse debt state?" Since Florida is not a recourse state, and Florida adopted its laws from Georgia, Georgia must not be a recourse state.

Is a home improvement loan a recourse loan?

no. why would it be a recourse loan

What is the duration of The Recourse to the Method?

The duration of The Recourse to the Method is 2.73 hours.

Can you give a sentence for recourse?

A place to find recourse is in nonfiction books in the library.

Is Florida a non recourse loan state.?

Florida happens to be a recourse state.

Is Kentucky a Recourse or Non-Recourse or One Action state?

Kentucky is a recourse state, allowing the lender to seek judgments and damages from the borrower.

How do you use the word recourse?

Since he was fired from his job, his only recourse was to go home.

Is Oklahoma a non recourse state?

As of 12/20/2012 Oklahoma is a Recourse State.

Is Alabama a non recourse state?

Alabama is a Recourse State. Banks can sue for the difference.

Is Florida a recourse state?

Yes, Florida is a "recourse" state. For a state to be a recourse state, it simply means a lender can ask you for extra payments even after you have had everything seized.

Is Illinois a non-recourse state?

No... Illinois is a recourse state.... They can come after you for a deficiency judgment.

What recourse does one have in Mexico for Dentists if something goes wrong?

Go to PROFECO which is the institution that's in charge of taking complaints form consumers..

What recourse do you have after running over a piece of guardrail and causing damage?

guard rails are there for a reason to prevent you from damageing something because you can't drive