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Contact a local attorney and have your paperwork ready. If theres a dollar to be made, they will tell you quickly. Dont be surprised if you find out the ORIGINAL lender had to take the loan back when you were in default. Its called 'recourse".

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Q: What can you do if your car loan was sold to a different finance company and the original company repossesses car without grounds to do so?
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What is your liability if your finance company repossesses a damaged car?

100 percent

If a dealership assigns a car to a finance company and the finance company says you don't owe them can the dealer repossess?

If the finance company has been paid in full, then why would the dealership (or the finance company) want to repossess your car? If the loan hasn't been repaid and is long overdue, then the dealer and finance company will probably decide who actually repossesses the car. Either way, it's up to them, not you. Best thing to do is check the fine print in your loan agreement (which you signed when you bought the car) and see what it says about overdue payments, repossession, etc. If you've lost it, call your dealer and ask for a copy.

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A recovery agent is a person who repossesses or takes things back for financial institutions. If a person is financing a car and quits making their monthly payments, a recovery agent may come and take the car from the person and give it back to the finance company.

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