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Which court has jurisdiction to hear a case is pretty well mandated by a number of things. NOT YOUR ABILITY TO GET TO THAT SPECIFIC JURISDICTION. You may find if there is a contract or agreement with the Company that is suing you, in it you agreed to where court cases would be filed concerning it.

You can file for a "change of venue" based on the hardship if it is a Federal court case, and maybe you'll get somewhere but unlikely if the company protests. if it is a State/Municipal type of matter so it has to be say a NYS court well you ain't getting that in another State so you can't even ask.

Don't appear, you lose. And yes, the courts/businesses in your area will respect that other courts decision when the company tries to collect.

You certainly have the right to have an attorney appear on your behalf...and that may be a better route than spending your $ on transport/hotels/etc to represent yourself.

You may also do a Motion for Notice of Hearing by phone. Once submitted you must follow through by getting hearing date preferably before actual hearing and possibly calling and speaking with Judges Asst. This was accomplished by myself just yesterday.

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Q: If a company in NY is suing in you in NY and you live in NC and cannot show up can you send in a letter for your defense and if so how do you go about doing it?
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