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Yes if you vehicle is insured in New Jersey, every state has different insurance laws, but to my knowledge the Eastern US states,MA, PA and New York, usually work in a similar way in that your insurance will pay for the other party that the unlicensed driver hit if you have insurance for the vehicle, it does not have to be full coverage, your liability portion on your policy will cover the damage to the other vehicle. In NJ, everyone who is insured must carry liability insurance, which covers the other vehicles involved. If you have collision coverage, once you meet your deductible, your damage will be covered for your vehicle in this case. This is an At Fault accident, and most likely your rates will increase, especially in the State of New Jersey. Credentials of er: Previous New Jersey auto adjuster and currently recovery agent for 2nd largest insurance carrier in the U.S. Hope this answer helps.

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2015-07-16 18:04:38
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Q: If a friend without a license hits someone in a parking lot while pulling your truck out of the way will your full coverage insurance pay for it?
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If you are pulling out of parking lot and someone is driving in a parking lot a little fast and hit you whose fault is it?

Usually their is no fault associated with parking lots. I'm sure your insurance company looks at it as your fault.

Who is at fault in an accident pulling out of a parking space?

the person pulling out

Who is at fault when there is someone pulling out of a parallel parking spot and a car changing lanes each other?

I would have to say that technically it would be the driver pulling out of the parking space. TECHNICALLY speaking that is. The insurance companies would probably try to say it is an equal at fault accident maybe.

What is meant by car insurance Asda?

Asda is a car insurance company that was pulling scams across the nation. Basically people would apply and pay for coverage only to find out they were never covered.

Is trailer frame and structeral damage included in physical damage insurance coverage?

Only if the trailer is listed on the policy with comprehensive or collision coverage. Many people do not list their trailers on their auto policy because the liability transfers from the pulling vehicle. The physical damage coverage does not.

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Does car insurance cover damage caused by trailer detaching from vehicle?

Liability coverage extends from the vehicle that is pulling a trailer, boat, or camper. This means if you are backing up in a parking area and the camper hits another vehicle the liability coverage will cover the damage to the other vehicle. Even if you are going down the road and the trailer comes loose the liability is still attached to the trailer and damage it does to another persons property is covered by liability from the vehicle that it was attached to. The kicker is that damage to the trailer itself is not covered by the vehicle pulling it. You would have to have a policy on the trailer itself for physical damage coverage to cover damage to the trailer.

Who is at fault when you are traveling in your lane of traffic and a car pulling from a parking space along the side of the road crashes into the front passenger fender of your car?

The car pulling from the parking space is at fault

Are directionals required when pulling into a parking space?

Not required, but not a bad idea.

Do I need to purchase insurance for a Trailer Rental?

As long as you are pulling a trailer (like a boat trailer or horse trailer), and it is hitched to an insured vehicle, as a rule you aren't required to carry extra coverage. If it's an RV motorized trailer, then you need coverage just like any vehicle.

Do I need to stop when pulling out of a parking lot If there are clearly no cars coming in either direction?

You should always stop when pulling out of a parking lot onto a road. There may be a car coming fast in one direction as you look in another.

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You can perform angle parking by cutting the steering wheel at a sharp angle and then pulling into a space. Keep the wheel cut to achieve an angle.

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