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Well, it depends on how open she is with her sexuality. Females usually are embarassed to tell someone how horny they really can be. So if you are sensing that then ask. If you are a female and want more sex, you need to tell your man exactly what you want because he can not read your mind.. This totally depends on the girl. How well do you really know her? How is your communication outside of the bedroom? You both have to talk about the subject, that's how healthy relationships grow in love. If you two are close, she should be willing to tell you as sex is a very important aspect of a intimate relationship. Look up the word intimate. If she is young and inexperienced, she may not feel comfortable telling you, in which case go ahead and bring the subject up yourself. You can begin the conversation with something like this: There's something I'd like to talk about, or I'd like to ask you, and then let it come from your heart! I find that using "I" messages when communicating to be most helpful and non-threatening. I think, I feel, I need, I want, I have, etc... So, good luck and take the risk to build your confidence, no matter what the outcome. If you try and always speak from your heart, you will rarely go wrong! Always remember those "I" messages in every type of communication with others, as people automatically get defensive when you begin a sentence with "You."

2006-08-12 18:35:48
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How do you get a girl with a boyfriend to kiss you?

if she really wants to kiss you, she will break up with her boyfriend. if she doesn't then she will continue her relationship and you need to find a new woman to kiss.

How do you tell if a girl wants to break your relationship with your boyfriend?

You're boyfriend will spend hours on the phone with her and he will begin to see flaws in you he's never seen.

Why do your boyfriend try to make you jealous by talking about another girl to you?

He wants to see your reaction. Plus He wants to see how much the relationship really means to you.

What a girl wants from her boyfriend?


What does it mean when a girl says she feels comfortable around you but isn't looking for a relationship?

It means she wants to be friends nothing more nothing less.

Should you meet with the girl your boyfriend cheated on you with?

No. Your problem is with your boyfriend. There is a social contract in every relationship, and a romantic relationship has a clause on Trust and Fidelity. You have no contracts with anyone else besides your boyfriend. This girl isn't your friend, and neither is any other female stranger. They promised you nothing, and they owe you nothing. Your boyfriend on the other hand, by being in your relationship, promised fidelity and trust. And he, not the girl, broke this promise. It doesn't matter who the girl is. It doesn't matter what she did. If she did those same things with someone else, you wouldn't care. On the other hand, if your boyfriend did whatever it was he did with some other girl besides her, he'd still be breaking your trust. So, no. Your beef is not with the girl, it is with your boyfriend.

What a girl wants frm her boyfriend?

a girlfriend wants you to be there for her in any way

Why would your boyfriend be talking to another girl?

AnswerMost likely because your boyfriend is a human being that lives in a mixed gender society.AnswerMaybe because he wants to surprise you or something or wants to ask them about other relationship things between you and him.

Is it bad i want a boyfriend and what does this say about me as a person?

It's completely normal! Nothing to worry about, almost every girl wants one.

What will you choose your boyfriend will die or he will be married to another girl?

If he wants to marry another girl he's not your boyfriend.

What is internal pressure in relationship?

If you are a girl and you have a boyfriend.. Then the boyfriend will pressure you into having sex.

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he wants to slow down?

he simply mean that he is tired of the girl! He might be having premature ejaculation and wants the sex to last longer. The relationship is going forward to fast and he wants to slow it down.

Is it normal for your boyfriend to always want to be right?

Yes, he wants to prove he is worthy of being with you and/or he doesn't want the girl/woman to have more power in the relationship.

What are you chances with a girl who broke up with her boyfriend after two years and she still has feelings for him and wants an open relationship?

Everyone is different and no two relationships are the same, so it is impossible to say what your chances with a girl who still has feelings for an ex-boyfriend would be.

What does it mean when a girl told his boyfriend that she wants him in her life?

It means she really has strong feelings for her boyfriend & wants to stay with him & no one else.

What does a girlfriend want from their boyfriend?

i think that what a girl wants from her boyfriend is that he needs to care a little more about her then about watching football r hagin out with their friends that's what a girl really wants

You have a girlfriend and are happy with your relationship but you like another girl who also has a boyfriend how do you tell if she likes you too and then what should you do next?

You can't have it both ways and it is not fair or right to settle for your current girlfriend while waiting to know if this other girl likes you. You are in a relationship as well as this other girl and you should not do anything about this - she is with her boyfriend because she wants to be - let her be and either continue your current relationship or decide if you want out.

Is there any straight girl here who wants to have a relationship with another straight girl?

If you are are talking about a romantic relationship, the answer is no. By definition, a straight girl does not want a romantic relationship with another girl.

What to do if your in love with a boyfriend who dumped you for another girl but now wants me back?

Find another boyfriend. He dumps you then wants you back. you can do better than that.

You like a girl but you have a boyfriend and the relationship is going nowhere?

Does the girl know you like her? How long have you an and your boyfriend been together? And are you asking what should you do?

What if a girl with a boyfriend asks you out?

its ur choice do ya want her 2 cheat on her boyfriend or have a relationship with him

Who is in the wrong - A girl in a relationship who wants is controlling or a guy in a relationship who is indecisive?

the guy

How do you kiss a girl using your tongue?

if a girl sticks her tongue in to your mouth does that maen she wants to be your boyfriend

What does it mean if a boy tells a girl he loves her?

It means that the boy wants the girl to be his boyfriend or marry him.

What happens when a girl is really atracted to her boyfriend?

A girl should be attracted to her boyfriend. Nothing 'happens' except that they love each other.