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Even in todays time young men who have sex with their girlfriends aren't often pleased with their girlfriend getting pregnant. For some reason there seems to be some miscommunication in the fact men are just as responsible for safe sex and it's not just all up to the women. Men feel there is the Birth Control pill and assume too much. They hear what they want to hear. He isn't happy about you being pregnant and possibly afraid. If you both are old enough to be pregnant and be parents then you are both old enough to sit down and start communicating. Go for a walk with him (calms the tension down) and ask him right out what is bothering him. It wouldn't be the first time in history a guy said the most two stupidest questions in the world "Is it mine?" or "I can't deal with this right now. You shouldn't have gotten pregnant." What!!!!! It takes two! Tell him whether he likes it or not you are pregnant and he should act like a man and be supportive of you and help at least pay child support. Don't stand for his nonsense. There could be another reason. He may think that because you are pregnant you can't have a sexual relationship (this is new to him too.) This is all the more reason you should start communicating better and it's usually up to the woman to start things rolling. Good luck hon

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Can you get pregnant or get an STD by touching genitals with another female?

Pregnant - no. There has to be a male around for that. STDs - possibly, but only if the other female is infected.

Is it possible to get pregnant if your boyfriend pre-ejaculate was around your vagina?


Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend didn't pull out in time and it was around the 14th day of my cycle?


Who can help You were playing around a little boyfriend and started to jerk him off and he came on your pants which is a soft material Was on your period by the way Pregnant or can't get pregnant?

I couldn't put everything in right text me and my boyfriend was playing around fully dressed and I started to jerk him off and he came on my soft pants ... I was on my period by the way can I get pregnant?

Why do women lie about being pregnant and tell everyone they are when they are not?

i think to get attenshion. or to keep there boyfriend/husband around.

How can you tell if your boyfriend has another woman?

He will start not wanting to have sex with you anymore. He will make excuses for why he's not around anymore. He will start fights with you to leave the house.

You are still a virgin you were at last day of your period and your boyfriend came around your private you cleaned it up really fast what are the chances of you being pregnant?

You can still get pregnant from pre-ejaculation. And on your period or not, you can still get pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you finger your self and theirs no sperm its clean?

A girl fingering herself with no guy around means there is no guy to provide sperm! You cannot get pregnant with the absence of sperm. Masturbating means you are alone, by yourself, touching yourself, which can never get you pregnant.

How likely are you to get pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculated inside you within 1 minute of inserting the penis into the vagina?

The length of time the penis was inside the girl is irrelevant. If ejaculation occurred around ovulation she could get pregnant.

You left your boyfriend around the 2or3 of oct you found out oct 31 that you were pregnant but you had sex with an ex on about the 4 of oct your baby due June 25 2007 when did you get pregnant?

September 11 the or 9 11

Should you take your bikini off in the water at the beach so that your boyfriend can touch your large breasts?

No it just makes you look bad and make it seem like your giving yourself out to everyone around you and you boyfriend shouldn't be touching your boobs in public or even at all

If you are having cramps and its a few days before your period should start and you fooled around with your boyfriend but didn't have sex is it just your period or could you be pregnant?


What does it mean when you get goose bumps when your boyfriend touches you?

It means you REALLY like him because you get all goosebumpy when your around him. And you get goosebumps when you're nervouse. Or excited. So you're excited he's touching you. <3 :D

We have 5 skunks two of them arent fixed yet one is a girl and one is a boy is it safe for them to be around each other or will she get pregnant. If she did get pregnant would she turn mean?

dont put them together in the first 15 minutes they start wanting to 'get it on' and try to avoid the female skunk when she's pregnant they get bad!

What if you like a girl and she got a boyfriend and he always in and out of jail?

then i say go for it! the boyfriend isn't going be around much consdering he's in jail, and she probably wont like the fact that he is never around and is really really bad, just be yourself and show her in small ways how much you care, and be very seductive, leave her wanting more everytime you leave her ;D

Can you become pregnant if your boyfriend barely rubs his penis against your vagina without a condom?

I would say unlikely but in future use a condom even when messing around.

'm having PCOS.My boyfriend n i were foolin around when he touched my vagina he was ejaculatin n der r chances tat he mite ve got a lil of tat on his fingers could i b pregnant?

It is possible that you could be pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from touching the outside of a used condom then touching your vagina with the same hand?

If the used condom was previously used by you, and you touched the outside and then touched yourself, you're fine. See, the OUTSIDE of the condom is what touches your interior vagina anyway. No sperm should be on the outside of the condom, unless it is broken. Now, if you're going around touching random used condoms that you see on the street and then touching yourself, then you might have a problem. Not to mention an STD or at the very least an infection.

What is the best way for a 13-year-old to tell her 17-year-old boyfriend that's she is pregnant?

The only way, "I'm pregnant'. And you should immediately tell your parents or another adult you trust as you are going to need a lot of support as your boyfriend won't be around to help as he will probably be in jail for statutory rape.

U R few days late-ur boyfriend messed around during your last period there was never any intercourse but he came on ur stomach and u wiped off-he dried fingers then put them in i pregnant?

No "No" is the good news but chances are that you will keep fooling around until you do get pregnant. Good advice for you to follow is to tell your boyfriend to show you some respect and wait until you are married. Dwight

What are the signs of jealousy?

always wanting to be around the person in the relationship, wanting to know who you are talking too, what you are talking about, don't want the opposite sex to be around the one the person is jealouse of. Always wanting to know where you are, which these are only jealousy signs if it is too much of it.

What stops mitosis?

When skin cells are touching all around.

How do you get a boyfriend if your shy?

Get to know him. Talk to him, laugh around him alot, show that your interested. When the time is right, start giving hints like touching or intimate hugging. Then make a move or if your still too shy, wait for him to do so. Cheers! ;)

If your boyfriend comes around your house and he just wanted to seetouch and kiss your breasts should you allow him to or not?

You aren't a piece of meat hanging on a shelf, if he wants to use you for his own pleasures, then he's not much of a man and the next time he pulls this tell him NO, that if he can't show you affection without touching you all over, you don't want him touching you at all.

Why does your boyfriend act weird around you?

he shouldnt...and if he does then hes not a very good boyfriend.

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