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If a guy and a girl have been dating for six months but knew each other for two years and the girl gets pregnant what could cause the boyfriend to start not wanting her around or touching him?



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Even in todays time young men who have sex with their girlfriends aren't often pleased with their girlfriend getting pregnant. For some reason there seems to be some miscommunication in the fact men are just as responsible for safe sex and it's not just all up to the women. Men feel there is the birth control pill and assume too much. They hear what they want to hear. He isn't happy about you being pregnant and possibly afraid. If you both are old enough to be pregnant and be parents then you are both old enough to sit down and start communicating. Go for a walk with him (calms the tension down) and ask him right out what is bothering him. It wouldn't be the first time in history a guy said the most two stupidest questions in the world "Is it mine?" or "I can't deal with this right now. You shouldn't have gotten pregnant." What!!!!! It takes two! Tell him whether he likes it or not you are pregnant and he should act like a man and be supportive of you and help at least pay child support. Don't stand for his nonsense. There could be another reason. He may think that because you are pregnant you can't have a sexual relationship (this is new to him too.) This is all the more reason you should start communicating better and it's usually up to the woman to start things rolling. Good luck hon