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If a guy broke up with you within a week but still talks to you online and all of a sudden brings up a second chance is that what he wants?


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I personaly think he is just trying to make you feel better. Don't answer right away. let his ask you in person and if he talks really pasionatly then give him another chance. EO it could be what he wants he might of thought of how much he loss then wants you back or it could be a quick butty call so do not let your gard down. Sometimes when we are around our partner too much we can take each other for granted. The split-up was a good thing and I suggest you take the advice of the other poster and let him sweat it out a little before accepting getting back together. Sometimes when together communication is nil, and some people can express their feelings best when emailing another or even by phone. I think he was finally expressing what he always felt.