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If you really love the guy and he's saying it, the next time he does say it to you say "I'm taking you up on it. When and where. Have you set a date?" He'll either turn red, run for cover or he's serious.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-20 00:01:58
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Q: If a guy continously says lets get married in front of a co-worker should he be taken seriously?
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I was the wife of a married coworker who was pursued by someone with a crush. We have 2 wonderful kids. He decided that he wanted a divorce. After a few months, his relationship with the "crush" ended. She harrassed me, broke up my family, and had no remorse. Be a member of the sisterhood of women and NEVER date a married matter what he says!!

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If you are a student then you have no right to do this to your teacher. Doing this would only benefit the spouse. The school system should have no rights to do this either. The teacher could sue.