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If a guy is completely into you, he should be eager to "woo" you in any way possible, including talking on the phone. However, many people are just not phone persons. I am a phone person myself, but I have a very close friend who is a soul mate as far as best friends go, but she does not like to speak to me on the phone. She lives and hour away, but chooses to catch up with me when we visit in person. I would say, honestly, to give the guy a chance and evaluate his interest in you in other ways. Does he speak to your eagerly in person? Does he go out of his way to spend one on one time with you? I am not sure of your age, but perhaps if he is still living at home, or with room mates, he might have people in the back ground ready to taunt and tease him for chatting up a girl he is fond of. He may be to shy to relate to you over the phone, not wanting to risk embarassment. Give him a chance in person, and good luck.

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Q: If a guy does not like to talk to you on the phone does that mean he is not interested in you?
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What does it mean when a seemingly interested girl doesn't answer your phone call or call you back?

She doesn't want to talk to you, or she's too shy to actually talk to you on the phone.

What do tu aimes parler au tรฉlรฉphone mean?

As a statement, 'You like to talk on the phone.' If asked as a question, 'Do you like to talk on the phone?'

What are some topics i can talk to a girl i like about on the phone?

Talk about things you like, if she is a match she will like them too. If she is interested she will make conversation. Key is confidence in yourself and what you have to offer.

She broke it off this week we still talk on the phone like friends how can i know if she is still interested?

If she were still interested she would have never broke it off.

What does it mean when a girl asks you if there is something you'd like to her ask her talk to her about?

she's interested in you

How do you get a boy to talk to you sweet again?

You can choose to try to make him interested or move on to a man who is interested. It may mean that the boy you like is interested in someone else.

Why would a guy talk to anyone else except for you if he already knows you like him Is he not interested?

Just because a guy knows you like him doesn't mean he shouldn't talk to anyone else. Having other female friends doesn't mean that he isn't interested.

What does it mean when you dream about a boy you like but never talked to?

It means you are interested in him but have never had chance to talk to himIf you have never talked to him, TALK TO HIM ASAP

What does it mean when the girl you like hangs up the phone on you?

it means she hung up the phone on you because she doesn't want to talk

What is the best conversation or topic to talk about with your boyfriend?

talk to him about what you or him are interested in talk about what you enjoy about each other and if you don't like what he likes, maybe try and get him interested in something you like!! Good Luck!!

How do you get a hot shy guy to like you?

If he's shy, he may like you and not say anything. The way to get anyone to like you is to be interested in the same things they're interested in, and to listen when they talk. Get him to talk about whatever he's interested in and show how interested you are by paying attention and letting him talk instead of doing all the talking yourself.

What to talk about with a guy you like on the phone when your 14-15 years old?

you can say something like how was your day? then go on to talk about that. oor ask him what he is interested in like music and sports. or just anything you guys have jokes about. basically anything that is on your mind.

What to talk to boys about?

Talk about things like sports. Don't talk about make-up or your nails or something. Straight guys hate that. Talk about something that you know he is interested in, and you are somewhat interested in.

Someone who you like is not texting back what does it mean?

they dont want to talk to you or they simply dont have there phone around them

How do you talk to Wilma Rudolph like talk to her on the phone?

she is dead

What is actor Rajinikanth phone number?

Call to any number,If rajnikanth is interested he may talk to you

Does that mean a guy is interested in a girl and want to get to know her if he wants to talk to her?


How do you make your guy friends talk continuously?

You can talk about things you both like. Do you let him feel that you are not interested to talk.

When do you know a woman like you?

If you are interested in her as well talk with her and ask her out.

What do you talk about on the phone with the kid you like when there is nothing to talk about?

No, you just say hello, and talk to them like about boys or something

What if you told your guy friend that you like him but you talk for hours on the phone what does that mean?

then you must really like him and if he stayed on that long with you then he must really like you too.

What do you say on the phone to your boyfriend?

First just stay calm on the phone, getting nervous is normal when you like someone but do not start talking 1000 miles an hour. Talk to him like he is one of your friends. You could always talk about current events or stuff he is interested in and hopefully find something you are both interested in! The conversation will become easier the more comfortable you two become with each other. Good luck!

What does it mean when a guy will talk to you on facebook but will not answer your texts?

If I had to guess, he probably isn't interested in you, but he wants to LOOK like he's interested in you. This probably means he's trying to make another girl jealous.

What does it mean to be afraid to talk on the phone?

It means you have phonephobia.

What does TFW mean on a straight talk phone?

That feel when