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Not necessarily! It might just mean he's a jerk trying for a one night stand... If you know him for a while...MAYBE... Otherwise, consider moving on...

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if a boy stands in front of you and hits you or something that means he likes you because if a boy or girl does or says something mean to you that means he like you IF A BOY DOES SOMETHING MEAN TO YOU THAT MEANS HE LIKES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (GIRL) (SHE)

Simple, he likes you. Maybe there's something about you that is unique or something that makes him smile. That's why when a guy tells you that he has crush on you, then he likes you.

Just simply means he likes kissing you probably because you have soft lips or something.

It depends on what he says. If it's something good, he likes you. If he says bad things, he doesn't like you.

Neither its to tell you something important like he likes you back or that he likes someone else:)

She might be very scared or she wasn't allowed to yet.

It means he likes you but it depends if he smiles when he says it.

It means that you are great as a group or couple for something. It depends on what the event was. This can also mean that he likes you.

Maybe. If he says you are ugly or something, he really think you are pretty@

it means he likes you. dont over analize anything a guy says

It means he likes you and likes you to be near him.

It mean he is trying to let you know he likes you by complimenting you.

Maybe you should actually listen to him, perhaps he says something important. Or maybe he likes you.

it might mean did something that represents he likes you e.g he brought a promise ring, he brought roses etc.

he probably means that he likes you as a friend, but doesn't as a girlfriend

It means that he likes your life and that he likes being around you

Likes you. If she says it a lot, then she really likes you

He likes your personality that can mean in friendly way or a romantic way

It probably means that you looked happy at the time. Or then it's something she says cause she likes you.

If a guy says that you are pretty it does not mean that he likes you. He could like you, or he could just be paying you a compliment.

If a girl says you smell good, it just means she likes how you smell. It doesn't necessarily mean she like you.

When a guy says he likes your face it means he likes the way that you look.

She could or she could have taken it asyour friend was confessing to her cause theline my friend likes you is usually used asa form of bait