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I know I am "old-fashioned," but I would allow him to ask me to hang out with him. I'm older now, and if I could take back every time I chased a guy, I would. It just seems to work out better if you let them approach you.

YAY someone shares my view LET HIM COME TO YOU youl scare him off if you try to take the wheel

2008-02-26 00:48:04
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Q: If a guy seems like he is interested and you are interested too how soon would it be appropriate for you to ask him to hang out with you?
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What should you do if a guy seems interested in you but only calls to hang out once a month?

Then, if he still seems interested, ask him to hang out once in a while. Guys don't have to make all the moves. But, if you do ask him to hang out once in a while, then maybe ask him why you guys don't hang out more.

What does it mean when a guy says he can't hang out?

to me it seems like hes no longer interested in you

What is a sign that your girlfriend isn't attractted yo you anymore?

If see seems less interested. Doesnt wanna kiss or hang out or be loving anymore.

What do you do if you absolutely have a lust for this boy and he said hed go out with youbut he's not looking i dont want to stop liking him though.?

It seems that he is not interested in any type of commitment but would still hang out with you which from that I would gather that he would be willing to engage in a physical relationship but not interested in you for anything more - maybe a friend until he got what he wanted. It would be in your best interest to move on and shift your interest to someone that would return your feelings and be genuinely interested in you as you are them.

What do you do if the guy you were sleeping with gets a girlfriend and after dumping her wants to hang out with you but will not get close enough to touch you?

It seems as though he may just be interested in a friendship which is likely better anyhow as it seems he sleeps around - its best not to jump into another sexual relationship with him.

If a girl never has time to hang out with you and your friends but says she wants to hang out with you immediately is she interested?

well this question pretty much answers itself and that means she doesn't want to hang out with your friends but she just wants to get to know you and hang out with you and that most likely means that she is interested.

What should you do if you don't like my boyfriend anymore but you like this other guy who your close friends with that always seems to be interested in my friends?

Well, I would probably tell your current boyfriend that you dont think that it is working out and then hang out with the other guy alot and then make your move

How do you know if your boyfriend is using you to get closer to your Bff which is his ex crush?

If he seems interested and keeps asking if you and your friend could hang out together then that means he likes your friend not you, what boyfriend would want to be with you AND your friend?? A real boyfriend that likes you would want to be alone with you, he wouldn't want to be with your friends or even his friends.

Help you have a guy who likes to rest his hand on your thigh and kiss you but he never calls or asks to hang out He seems interested when you are together Does this guy like you or is he flirting?

well this guy is just trying to get laid

A guy asked you a question like who do you hang out with is he interested?

Yes, that does mean he is interested in you. This may sound bad, but he is checking to see if you hang out with any of his friends so he can go on a double date. Lucky you!

Why would a man want to hang out but not ask for a date?

He is a friend. He is not a romantic partner. Guys seem to have a real talent for taking action when they are interested.

Why don't your friends hang out with you anymore but only hang out with boys?

Here's the reason why your friends will only hang with guys it's probably because they're interested, and the hormones. Don't worry they'll hang with you as soon as this faise ends.

How to tell if a boyfriend is cheating?

He can't hang out with you because he has to do "stuff" You barely see him When you do hang out he always seems to be texting somebody These are signs that he is cheating

How do you know if a boy is interested in you?

Watch for little signs, like his wanting to be near you, or how he talks to you. If he appears nervous around you, its almost a sure bet he's into you. If he's trying to hang out with you more than you're trying to hang out with him, odds are he's interested. All boys are interested in you. That's how you should live.

Why would a Mexican hang out raw fish?

A Mexican would hang out raw fish for the same reason anyone would hang out raw fish - to dry or smoke it.

How can you tell if your boyfriend really likes you or is taking advantage of you It seems he is only interested when we make out and when he touches me. At school he is distant.?

dump his sorry butt...if he doesnt want to hang out with you at school and only wants your body!! RED ALERT!!!! You can do way better

Is UFC 2010 an appropriate game?

Yes. At first it is kinda boring. But once you get the hang of it. It is AMAZING

What does it mean if a guy acts like he likes you then doesn't seem interested when you want to hang out?

He is nervous

Girl was interested we slept together she seemed more interested then next day it changed I don't hear from her I asked her hang she said I'll let you know maybe She then asked me to hang and bailed?

try not to sleep with strangers anymore and then maybe that might not happen!

How will you know if the guy is interested in you?

He would just hang around you and say hey probably everyday to get your attention. He'll probably look at you but turn around when you realize he's looking at you.

Why would a guy not want a girlfriend at the moment?

That's his way of saying, "I'm not interested at the moment." Hang out more with him and try to get him more comfortable before asking again. ______________ There are as many possible reasons as imagination will allow. This may be his very appropriate way of letting you know that he is not interested in being with youas boyfriend/girlfriend. He may already be in a relationship that he chooses not to talk about. If you're friends with him, just be friends and don't ask about it. Pushing is the last thing you want to do.

What do you do if there is a girl that is the most beautiful girl that you have ever seen in your life and seems interested in you too but you dont know her and she has a boyfriend?

Start hanging out with her. Just start out as friends try to hang out and all. She might start to take you in. Get some friends to mess around with the boyfriend

If a boy likes you will he be perverted on you?

He usually is not interested in dating you. It is more of flirting that will show his appreciation to you. If he also seems nervous around you, that may also be a sign of him liking you. If the boy is being perverted, then he wants to hang out with you once, if you know what I mean, and leave you unhappy as he is satisfied.

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