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No, I was in the same situation, girl. I met my boyfriend a long time ago and before we started dating, I kinda thought that he liked me and then I started liking him and thought that he was not interested in me anymore and got really depressed. Guess what, a day later he asked me out! And I said yes. And I've been dating him for almost 9 months.

2006-09-02 00:13:04
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Is ex avoiding you or does he not want to hurt you because he still has feelings for you?

depends if he is nice or not

What was W. C. Handy's feelings about jobs?

not interested

What should you do when he is not sympathetic to your feelings?

when he is not interested of or about your feelings, he in it for the sex... if he really cares about you then he should care about your feelings too! to solve it maybe you should do something romantic to remind him its not just about that...

Why do Orthodox Jewish men and women stay separated?

It's all about avoiding sexual thoughts, feelings, and urges.

How do you send my feelings to amisha patel?

I'm sure she wouldn't be interested in you

Is joe Adams Jonas romantic?

yes he is . he pays lots of attention to feelings.

How do you stop a girl from having a crush on you?

Drop friendly hints to her that you are just not interested in her. Try being nice to her that you just don't like her the way she is to you...Simple things like:1.) Avoiding her (not to much it upsets her feelings)2.) Don't look her in the eye when she's talking to you, butlook at something else (this shows that you just aren't interested)3.) Don't laugh at her jokes?

Why is your ex trying to get your attention?

Maybe that person still has feelings for you and regrets the break-up.

What does it mean when a guy says i am sorry i don't have feelings for you?

it means he is not interested in you. And he is being polite.

What does he mean when he says you will always be around?

He means that he is not interested in you but he doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

Why does my ex stare at me when he's with his friends?

checking who may be interested in you, despite his past feelings he had for you.

Why do you love someone that has no feelings for you?

Sometimes we get a crush or infatuation with someone that may not be interested in us back. Unfortunately you have to find a way to deal with these feelings and be able to move forward and find someone that can return your feelings.

Is it ok to punch or slap a woman because she avoids you and hates you when really you like her but she doesn't like you?

Violence is never okay. Perhaps you should talk to her and tell her how you feel. If she is not interested, you should honor her feelings and leave her alone until she is ready to converse with you.

When you like a young Asian woman who get the Eldwick bus but it seems like she is avoiding you and your feelings for her is strong with affection why is she avoiding you if you care about her?

sometimes girls might not be into u but other times they might be hiding there affection keep tht in mind

How do you tell your ex-boyfriend that you still love him?

All you can do is simply tell him how you feel - there is no guarantee he will be interested in listening and if he does if he will be interested in rekindling your relationship - all you can do is voice your feelings and take it from there. If he is not interested it is best to let him be.

How can you tell if a girl is playing with your feelings?

You can tell if she is paying more attention on your wallet than your face.

Why she's been avoiding since i told her that i love her?

Mabye she isnt ready to say i love ypu and dosnt want to hirt your feelings

How can you hurt your boyfriend feelings?

theres no reason to want to hurt his feelings if he is getting on ur nerves or doin sumthing wrong then pay no attention he s a guy we are different

What can you do to win a girl's heart that i have feelings for but she says that i dont have a car yet so she can't have a relationship with you?

Since the young lady says she is not interested in you because you don't have a car, I would think she is only interested in a car, regardless of who the boy is. I think it would be in your best interest to forget this materialistic young lady and cast your attention on someone who would care more for you than for your possessions.

If a guy actually puts effort into avoiding a girl does that mean he may have feelings for her?

Sorry to Burst your bubble, but no. If he puts effort into avoiding someone. That means he does not want to see them. My advice? Don't waste your time on him. If he doesn't like you than he's not worth it.

When someone always makes excuses not to see you?

maybe is because he/she is not interested, but don't want to hurt your feelings..

What do you do if you are just not interested in your boyfriend anymore?

Explain to him that you no longer have feelings for him, and tell him that you figure your better off not dating

How do you tell your bi bestie your not interested without hurting her feelings?

say i like you but i don't want to date you

What do you say to a boy you want to get over?

Politely tell him that you are not interested. Try not to hurt his feelings and make him understand why.

How you know that this girl is interested in you?

It is hard to tell. Just tell that special someone about your feelings and they will let you know.