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Yes, after you cook it, it is in a differant STATE, it has been preserved abother way. Just don't freeze it too long.

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Q: If a ham has been frozen then defrosted then cooked can the leftovers be refrozen?
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Can cooked frozen meats defrosted be refrozen?

If it is maintained at a temperature below 40 F while it is defrosted, then yes it can be refrozen.

Slightly defrosted shrimp be refrozen and then cooked safe?

All meat can be defrosted and then refrozen. It is safe to eat, but will not be as tasty and juicy if meat had not been frozen. This is not a safety issue but a culinary one.

Can frozen cooked shrimp be refrozen?


Can cooked frozen pizza be refrozen?

NO you can't

Can fresh fish be frozen defrosted cooked and then frozen again?


Can you Eat frozen chicken once cooked in the oven?

You can if it was deep-frozen raw chicken which was defrosted and then thoroughly cooked in the oven. If the cooked chicken is then deep-frozen it can be defrosted (thawed) and eaten, but should not be deep-frozen a third time.

Can venison be refrozen?

Raw meat, whether venison or beef or any other type, can be frozen once. If frozen raw meat is thawed, it should be cooked and eaten, or cooked and refrozen. Once cooked venison is thawed it should not be refrozen.

Can a pie made with previously frozen cherries be refrozen?

If the pie has been cooked, then yes, it can be frozen and the cherry filling refrozen.

Can frozen cheese be thawed then cooked then refrozen?


Can previously frozen cooked chicken be refrozen?


Can a cooked frozen brisket be refrozen if not all eaten?

If it was frozen before it was cooked then yes u can re freeze it.

Can cooked beef be refrozen?

Anything can be refrozen. Actually no, not everything can be refrozen. Cooked beef can be refrozen, fully cooked, tightly wrapped, and for not more than a month. Uncooked meat can be refrozen if it does not reach room temperature, it must still be very cold or partly frozen.

Can chicken that been frozen and defrosted be defrosted and cooked?

If you are asking "Can chicken that has been frozen be defrosted and cooked?" then the answer is yes. If you are asking if chicken that has been frozen, defrosted, refrozen and defrosted again can be cooked than the answer is yes but it's not safe. When you freeze food water crystals expand and damage cells. When you defrost your food, particularly if you leave it on the counter instead of in the fridge bacteria causing microorganisms have the chance to multiple. When you then refreeze it even larger ice crystals are formed destroying even more cell membranes. After this you defrost it again and the microorganisms from before can double. Usually at this point the meat doesn't look or smell so great.

Can defrosted fish be frozen again?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, frozen fish fillets that have been thawed under refrigeration and have been defrosted for no more than 2 days, can be safely refrozen. The safety may be fine, but the quality will likely be affected. If the fish was thawed using a different method, then refreezing is not an option. Other sites suggest the fish not be refrozen unless it is cooked.

If chop meat was frozen then cooked can it be refrozen?

Food which has been cooked can be frozen, even if it was frozen prior to cooking. BUT Frozen food which has been thawed, but not cooked, should never be re-frozen. Nor should food which was cooked, frozen and thawed.

Can chili be refrozen after being cooked then frozen and then thawed again?


Can previously frozen defrosted vacuum-sealed kielbasa be refrozen?

No, not in its uncooked state. You can, however, cook it and then freeze it.

Is it dangerous to eat rice that has been cooked frozen and defrosted?

If the rice has been handled properly throughout the process - cooked, then promptly frozen, defrosted properly and reheated thoroughly - it should not be dangerous to eat.

Can you reheat frozen tomato sauce and then save leftovers?

no once defrosted it cannot be frozen again i would eat it within 24hrs.

Can you refreeze chicken after it has been cooked and frozen?

Yes. Meat can be refrozen after cooking.

Can shrimp that was previously frozen be refrozen and eaten?

i.e. been frozen, defrosted you wish to refreeze and then eat later? no, if you buy something frozen you defrost and use straight away you do not refreeze it.

Can refrigerator thawed meat be refrozen?

It can, but if you're asking would it be okay, the answer is no. When I researched this question, I got a different answer. Meat defrosted in the refrigerator can be re-frozen without cooking, although some quality may be lost. The USDA recommends that meat defrosted by other methods be cooked before refreezing.

Can you refreeze cooked poultry?

Yes. Foods that have been frozen and thawed can be refrozen after cooking.

Can you eat defrosted cooked chicken cold or does it have to be heated?

Properly cooked chicken which has been properly frozen and properly defrosted is perfectly fine to eat. It can be heated or not, as the user prefers.

Can you eat chicken that was cooked and frozen but defrosted and left out on the counter all night?