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If a house has been conditionally sold what does that mean?

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Answered 2007-06-27 19:41:29

It means that there has been an offer, it has been accepted, but they are waiting for financing to be approved. If the financing fails the sale is off.

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How do you get out of a second mortgage when the house has been sold on a short sale?

How do you get out of a second mortgage when the house has been sold on a short sale?

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How much time does renter have to move out if house is sold?

A renter is allowed three months to move out after the house has been sold.

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How long can you stay in house that has been included in bankruptcy?

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What does off the market in real estate mean?

What does off the market really mean does it mean that the house is sold or is awaiting to be closed on.

How do you find out to whom a house was sold?

how can i find out to whom a house was sold

Can a contractor in Texas force a homeowner to sell house if they refuse to pay for work and a lien has been filed?

They usually can't force the homeowner to sell the house. The lien will prevent the house from being sold. The matter will have to be settled and the lien released before the house can be sold.

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How can you buy a house after it has been foreclosed and not sold at auction?

You can contact the lender or lien holder who foreclosed on the property and make your offer to them.

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Yes, it has been sold. Maybe you can rent from the new owner.

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