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This doesn't seem like a clear sign of cheating. Did you ask your husband why he's not wearing his briefs (or has switched to boxers)? I would ask him in a non-attacking manner to see what he says before jumping to conclusions...are there other things that make you think he is cheating?


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If he accuses you cheating on him that's a sign of cheating. Or he don't want to have sex with you is another

Candidiasis, commonly called yeast infection or thrush, also known as "Candidosis," "Moniliasis," and "Oidiomycosis. I'm not sure if it's a sign that your husband is cheating, but you might want to have a doctor check it out.

If before you use to touch this certain part of his body and now you cannot of course this is one of the major sign of he is cheating.

no that dose not mean he is cheating maybe he wants to try new things. for instance there are hundred ways to make out. just as there are hundred ways to have sex.. he isn't cheating hes just experimenting.

No, cheating is not a sign of respect. It means the person is not interested in you any more.

Does she breathe? Then she's capable of cheating.

Lot's of ways and you are the one that can and will noticed it. just remember the way this man or a husband is with you, and if you think a lot is changing, that's one of the sign.

We can't never justify if our husband will hurt us or even betrayed us. I could tell you ways or sign how you can tell if your husband is cheating on you. But realistically you are the only one that can predict. All you have to do is watch his reaction, the way he behave himself when his around with you. He could also act uncomfortable around you. Just pay attention if he is acting different.

The constellation that represents the first winter sign as the sun enters it is Capricorn. The sun enters the sign of Capricorn, heralding the beginning of winter.

I don't think we can call it a "symptoms" let's call it a sign because it is a sign or warning or change of behaviour. You are the only one that can tell if your wife or husband is having an affair. just pay attention to the body language, and if your husband or wife acts a little different, then it's time for you to come forward and ask. I'm not sure if the cheating is been going on but if you think something is going on, you need to start talking before it gets worst.

First, it is wrong to cheat. Most of all, if you are dating and not married, or sleeping in the bed together, you are commiting adultry, God is not pleased with that. If you are married and is cheating having sex, that is fornication , it is time to give a writing of divorcement. There are many ways through God, to find out if your husband or mate is cheating. #1 If he or she stays out all night, and donot call that is one sign. #2 If your husband or mate donot want to have sex when you ask of it, that is a sign. #3 If he or she donot want to be seen with you during the day light, that is a sign. #4 If he or she donot treat you special, like, going out for dinner, being there for you when your sick, that is a sign. However, to really find out if your husband or mate is cheating, get your Holy Bible and open it up. Before you begin to read your Bible, ask he or she if their cheating on you. If they answer no, say , ok God hear you speaking. Continue to read your bible, whatever verse you decide. That night, get down on your knees and pray, Begin by saying. " Dear God, I come to you through the Holy name of your Son Jesus, I'm dealing with a situation of love, and I need a righteous answer from you Lord, or a sign, to no if my husband, (call his or her name out to God) is cheating. Continue, " I am a faithful true believer of your holy words Lord and I believe in your Son Jesus that he died for sins ". Remember, you must be a true believer of God, and have strong faith when you pray. I gurantee you, that our Almighty God will answer your prayer, and guide you on what to do about your relationship. Always get on your knees and pray everynight. I'm a living testimony, God never let me down, not once.

No, it is not always a sign of cheating if a woman erases the text off her cell phone. Some people just erase unwanted messages.

You can either finger-spell w-i-d-o-w, or you can sign "her husband dead" or "her husband gone".

In sign language, winter is said by closing your fists and shivering them as if you are cold. For an example, go to the related links section.

It depends how bad the situation is with his wife. A man who wants to cheat can show lots of sign, but if you knew this man for a long time, your the only one that predict if he is cheating on you. I could give you all the sign and what to look for in a man if he is cheating, but it's you that can say if he is or not by his behavior and action..

Cheating men pet angry over small issues. They start fighting more and spend less time.

A loyal boyfriend can be recognized in any way. He spends most of the time with you is the major sign that he is not cheating.

A sign he doesn't truly love and care for you, by cheating he is hurting you.

here is a tell tale sign that your man might be cheating on you does he buy you a gift everyday ?? if so he could be up to something also you should ask him whats going on and try to find out watch out for him checking your email as this too is a sign he is cheating i hope he isn't

Your husband must sign a deed that transfers his interest in the property to you. An attorney should draft the deed.Your husband must sign a deed that transfers his interest in the property to you. An attorney should draft the deed.Your husband must sign a deed that transfers his interest in the property to you. An attorney should draft the deed.Your husband must sign a deed that transfers his interest in the property to you. An attorney should draft the deed.

The horoscope sign of Leo bores easily. They like excitement in their relationships, so if these needs are met, they may be prone to cheating.

okay, first of all, you are not cheating...he is the one who is cheating. However, it would be great if u left him because he might be cheating on you too...

To leave behind a sign that the grave was visited by a loved one.

No. It's just a sign of innocent friendship.

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