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Yes, as long as it was legal in the country you married will be legal in the US.

As long as it's done outside Another Country, they can not do anything to you (Unless it was illegal in the other country in the first place)


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A legal immigrant who marries a U.S. citizen can apply for a green card, so s/he can stay in the U.S., travel outside the U.S. and re-enter, and work in the U.S.

It depends on how far under the age of consent they are. In the US it is illegal to have any sexual contact with someone under the age of 13, regardless of the age in the country where it occurs. Other than that, it would be considered legal in the US.

Yes the child is as long as one parent is a US citizen. At 18 the child may have a choice of choosing one citizenship since they hold a dual citizenship.

A Canadian citizen can be born outside of Canada, live his or her entire life outside of Canada, and still remain a Canadian citizen.

No the flag of Nigeria can not be flown by a Nigerian citizen outside his home.

A Catholic who marries outside the Catholic Church is in a state of sin, and should not receive Holy Communion until they regularize their marriage.

Zeus had too many children outside his marriage to count!

If 1 person is a US citizen and Merry's the person who is from the same country outside of US and gets married in their country and comes back to US through the US customs is the marriage still considers valid in the United states.[Improve]

Yes. Sexuality of any kind outside your marriage is adultery.

to my knowledge, if you as an American citizen are LEGALLY married to an illegal, all that you have to do is go to your local immigration office and apply for his residency. it is better if you are married in the u.s. before applying. if you guys married in the u.s. so much the better. make sure that he does not have a criminal record or that is it. if you married outside the u.s. what i would do is to marry again in the u.s. so that immigration will "recognize" said marriage, but yes, as a u.s. citizen, applying for your spouse is one of your privileges and rights for being a u.s. citizen...good luck

It depends- if the father and grandfather have lived in the U.S., then yes the child would be a citizen. However, if the father has lived most iof his life outside the U.S., then it is highly unlikely that the child would be considered a U.S. citizen- even though his father and grandfather were U.S. citizens. Example: Grandfather was born and raised in the U.S. [GRANDFATHER IS A US CITIZEN] Grandfather moves to France at age 20. Grandfather marries a French lady and has a son [SON IS CONSIDERED TO BE A US CITIZEN] Son has lived his entire life and at age 20, the son marries a local French lady. Son's wife gives birth to a girl [THE GIRL IS NOT A US CITIZEN]. This is true even though her grandfather and father were U.S. citizens.

A K1 visa is a document that allows a person that is not from Canada to marry someone who is a citizen of Canada. It is required to enter the country and conduct the marriage. If the citizen is wanting to travel outside of Canada to marry someone a different visa is needed.

A married man's lover outside of marriage is called a mistress. There is not such a clear cut term for a woman's lover outside of marriage. He may simply be called her lover, he could also be called her boy toy.

The time outside of the US spent for a US citizen is only prohibited by the country they are visiting and not the United States.

Rapper Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante have three kids together. He does not have any other children outside of his marriage.

because she is not married so she is not pregnant Pregnancy is a result of sexual intercourse, not of marriage. Many societies disapprove of pregnancy outside marriage, but there are many girls who get pregnant outside marriage.

Sponsor them for a greencard but you would neede your birth certificates and your parents birth and marriage certificates and your naturalization certifiacte,to prove that your are really siblings and that you actually are a US citizen,this might take a might want to consult with an immigration attorney.

Yes. Anyone from outside a country is a foreigner. So in the UK, people from America would be foreigners as they are not from the UK.

May be the man is seeking for excitement relationship outside of the marriage

If she marries a Hindu boy, than definetely she has to live in a Hindu custom or she can live in her own custom subject there is some understanding that need to be shared. Basically she is coming into the boy's house and you don't expect the whole family will have to forgo the Hindu custom. If she marries outside the church, that is, not validated by a catholic priest or deacon, she can still be Catholic. Her marriage may not be recognized, but her being Catholic is fine. She can be married in a Hindu ceremony and still be considered a valid catholic marriage if she gets church approval and takes an oath to raise the children as catholic, which her husband has to witness.

Yes, through marriage or other legal immigration, foreign-born people can become naturalized citizens of the US. It is a challenging process I hear, but it happens all the time. My sister in law was born in Russia to Russian parents but became a citizen after marrying my brother. That's what "naturalized" means... someone who wasn't a citizen naturally *becoming* a citizen.

Marraige is not compusory in Christianity. However there are strong prohibitions on sex outside of marriage.

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