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These dogs (or any cold weather dog) really shouldn't be shaved down, but if they are extremely hot I suppose there isn't any choice. Usually people with these dogs let the dogs swim (if they like it) or keep them in the shade outside in the yards with lots of water available or in the house where there is A/C. Yes, your dog will have a thick coat of fur by the time winter comes. ''NO'' Your Eskie will not have their full coat by winter if they are shaved in the Spring. It takes a couple of years for a full coat to come in. The type of coat that an American Eskimo has will protect them from the heat as well as the cold, so unless it's so matted that the only kind thing to do is shave it... don't. I have an Eskie show dog. I brush her out about once a week. Their coat is fairly resistant to mats, so it doesn't take a lot of work to care for them when in full coat. Pay special attention to the area behind the ears, and where the legs meet the body as they are more likely to tangle.

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Long hair actually helps protect dogs from heat, as well as cold, so it need not and should not be cut short in summer. Unlike humans, dogs don't depend upon evaporation of sweat to cool themselves. In fact, they do not sweat at all. Dogs use panting to cool their bodies. Long hair insulates them and protects them from heat and rays of the sun.

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Q: If a miniature American Eskimo dog is shaved in late spring will the hair grow back thick again in time for the winter?
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