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The couple would be wasting their time trying to get married in another state because all states require permission from the minor's parents. Even if a minor manages to get married using false ID the marriage is not legal. (06/13/09) It is a statistical fact that relationships involving people who co-habitat and/or get married prior to age 24 have an 85% failure rate. Biologically, this is when females reach full mature on the physical, emotional, and hormonal levels. At this point, a woman is fully prepared to have and handle children, as well as a male that is still not fully mature.

Males don't reach full physical and hormonal maturity until age 30. This is also when they reach their peak emotional maturity, but not to the point of being fully independent. Half of the male emotional health comes from a woman. The biochemical frequency range of the male brain adjusts itself to match that of the female, developing an emotional symbiotic relationship.

Couples who begin cohabiting and/or get married prior to age 24 can find themselves drawing away from each other as each reaches full maturity. Their whole view of the world, and each other, changes. This doesn't happen to all couples, but clearly it is a factor in most relationship breakdowns.

Cohabiting couples breakup three times more than married couples. Cohabiting couples that later marry have a 46% higher rate of divorce than those who did not cohabit prior to marriage. See Link Below

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Q: If a minor gets married out of state can the groom get in trouble when they come back to his home state?
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Can you get in trouble for taking your girlfriend over the state line if she is a minor but has a baby with youfor the purpose of marriage?

If she is under the age of 16, you have to have parental permission to get married. Yes, you can get in trouble.

Where can a minor get married with parental consent?

Laws vary from state to state.

Can a guy still get in trouble if you go out of state to get married without parental consent but he wasn't the one driving?

Yes he could get in trouble even if he was not the person driving. He could be charged still with transporting a minor across state lines and sometimes even kidnapping.

Can you get married in Virginia when you are pregnant and a minor?


Is a married minor considered emancipated in the state of Texas?

Yes, in every state.

Does a minor need parental consent in the state of Georgia to get married?

Yes, they do.

Can a minor get married to an adult in the state of Missouri?

Not without parents permission.

Can a minor get married in any state with consent from a parent?

It all depends on your age, and what state you live in.

In what state can a minor boy marry a legal adult female?

There is no state where a minor can get married without parental consent or special circumstances/court approval.

If you cross a state line to marry a minor without her parents consent but the marriage will be legal can you get in trouble?

Transporting a Minor across State lines is a Federal Felony Crime no matter what the reason. Typically a minor requires parental consent to get married. Without it, the marriage will not be legal. There are a few places that would allow a the marriage with a court order, but not likely to be issued if the parents do not consent.

Can your parents get in trouble if they give you consent to get married at 16?

No, in your state 14 year olds can get married with parental consent

Can a mother leave the state of Arkansas with a minor if she is married and would it be considered kidnapping?

Assuming the minor is your child, and you are still married (therefore, no custody settlement) then no, it would not be considered kidnapping.

In what state can minors get married without parent consent?

A minor cannot get married in any state, and in most countries, without parental consent or a court order.

Is it legal for a 17 year old and 19 year old to get married in the state of michigan?

Yes, with parental consent the minor can get married.

If you go to Las Vegas and get married can you get in trouble when you return to your home in Texas?

If you are both over 18, then no, you will not get in trouble, at least not with the law. If you are under 18, you will need parental permission to get married in Las Vegas. If you are a minor, there are laws against taking you across state lines without parental permission, not to mention laws against marriage without parental permission or a court order.

What is the possibility of a minor actually getting emancipated in the state of Virginia?

Depends on the minor. You have to fill the criteria to be emancipated by the court or it wont happen. You can also get married.

Can a 16 year old and a 19 year old get married across state lines and come back and not get into trouble?

Across state lines? To which state? There are no states that allows a 16yo get married without parental consent.

What if your boyfriend is over 18 and you are not so where in the us can you get married?

What's your rush? If he's "the one", you'll be together forever, right? So why not just wait until you can legally get married. You could get yourself in a lot of trouble if your boyfriend (over 18) transports a minor (under 18) across state lines.

Can a 16-year-old get married in Florida with out parental consent?

No. A minor can not get married in any state without the parents and/or the courts permission.

Could you get into trouble for leaving state with son if you have been living with father but are not married?

Depending on the state, yes. Arrange a custody agreement first.

What is the youngest age a minor can move out in the State of Maine?

Currently in Maine, unless the minor is married, pregnant, or a parent his- or her- self, the minor's parents are legally required to retain guardianship for children under 16 years of age, or younger with the consent of a judge. That said, a minor does not get into legal trouble for moving out while under 16. The parents could get into trouble, though, for neglect, depending upon circumstances. * The legal age of majority for the state is 18, (MRS 3506-A). A 16-year-old cannot arbitrarily move from the family home without being legally emancipated, (MRS 1-72).

Can a pregnant fiteen year old get married in Indiana without parent consent?

No state will allow a minor (under 16) to EVER get married without parental consent. No one is ready for marriage at age 15! No state will allow a minor (under 16) to EVER get married without parental consent. No one is ready for marriage at age 15!

Can a minor who is a 'ward of the state' and in foster care get married with parental consent if the parents have not had their parental rights terminated?

No you are a ward of the state and the state has the final say until the state returns you to your parents or they release you to yourself either when you turn 18 or 21. * The minor would need parental permission and permission from the court that placed the minor in foster care.

If a girl gets pregnant by an 18-year-old guy or older can she and that guy get married without her parents' permission and without him getting in trouble?

If both of your are 18 or older, then yes. You can get married and do whatever you want without anyone getting in trouble and without any permission. If this 18 year old guy got a minor pregnant, then he can get in trouble for "statitory rape" if the parent of the girl wishes to press charges. In the state of Texas you cannot unless you have an emancipation.

Can a 20 year old male get in trouble for dating a 16 year old female?

In my state, only if you have sexual relations with her because she/ he is a minor.