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until the child reaches 18 years of age. yes, she does have to pay it. Every parent is responsible for the financial support of their minor child/children until they reach the legal age of majority or the age stipulated in the child support agreement. A parent can only be "forced" to pay child support by a court order, a minor cannot petition for child support themselves, but will need to be represented by an adult family member or a guardian ad litem appointed by the court.

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Q: If a mother leaves her 17-year-old in Michigan and moves to Arizona without signing emancipation or guardianship papers does she still have to pay for child support?
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What are the emancipation laws in Arizona?

There is no emancipation status in this state.

How do you file a petition for emancipation in Arizona?

{| |- | No, you cannot. Arizona does not have an emancipation statute. This means you have to wait for the age of majority which is 18 in that state. |}

What is the legal age for emancipation of a minor in Arizona?

18 but you can apply for emancipation by the court at 16.

Where do you find emancipation papers in Flagstaff Arizona?

There are none. Arizona does not have a law for the emancipation of minors, which means you have to wait until you reach the age of majority, which is 18.

How can you emancipate yourself in the state of Arizona?

Arizona Sorry, there is no emancipation status in this state.

Is there emancipation in Arizona?

Arizona does not have an Emancipation statute. It does have a termination of parental rights, but that is initiated by the state for abuse and neglect by the parents. You'll have to wait until you turn 18.

How can you get emancipated if you and your mom and her boyfriend don't get along in Arizona and if you are seventeen?

Arizona has no emancipation statute.

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How do you get emancipated if you are pregnant in AZ?

You don't. There is no emancipation statute in Arizona.

What major city is halfway between Flint Michigan and Tucson Arizona?

Oklahoma City is fairly close to halfway between Flint, Michigan and Tucson, Arizona.

Can a minor legally move out if they have their parents consent but no emancipation in the state of Arizona?


How does 1 get emancipation at 17 in AZ?

Arizona does not have an emancipation statute. You will have to wait until you become an adult. If you are not safe contact your local social services to get help.

How many stamps do you need to mail a letter from Michigan to Arizona?

USPO stamp rates are higher in 2014. To mail a letter to Arizona from Michigan costs one 48 cent stamp.

What is the air mileage from Tucson Arizona to Michigan City Indiana?

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In Arizona can you move out of your parents house if you are 17 and already graduated high school?

There is no emancipation statute in Arizona. If you have your parents' permission, you can move out, but does not relieve them of their responsibility for your maintenance and welfare.

Can you still get a drivers license in Michigan if you have a suspended license in Arizona?

You have a license in Arizona. Having one from another state would be illegal.

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Does a child under the age of 18 in the state of Arizona become legal adult after they have a baby?

No. Being pregnant or having a child does not automatically confer emancipation status to a minor in Arizona.

What are the legal rights for a 17-year-old to move out of the house in Arizona?

The only exception would be if the person would marry, which would require parental permission. Arizona as most states does not have legislation on emancipation status. This would not exclude a minor from filing for emancipation, cases are ajudicated on an individual basis.

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The distance from Detroit Michigan to Phoenix Arizona?

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