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If the original borrower was the only account holder and was not married living in a CP state, the debt would become part of the deceased's estate and would be paid if there were funds belonging to the deceased available. If another family member voluntarily assumes the debt, then it will more than likely be deemed legitimate by the court unless said person can prove they were coerced, intimidated or otherwise fraudulent deceived as to their legal responsibility regarding said debt(s). It might be prudent to obtain the advice of an attorney who specializes in creditor and debtor issues. Most attorneys wiil offer a free or minimal fee consultation.

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Q: If a mother made a finance agreement and then died who takes over the payment and if you were pushed into signing to take over the payments can anything be done?
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Is it better to finance an auto purchase with a small down payment and high monthly payments or high down payment and small monthly payments?

It is better to finance an auto purchase with a high down-payment and a low monthly payment, because it is less likely for you to fall behind on your payments and acquire debt.

In the State of Arizona can a dealership repo a car if you are current on your payments but they made mistakes and never got your down payment?

Need more info how did they make the mistakes and not get the down payment? Well, technically yes. If you signed a finance agreement that stated a down payment and you didn't give a down payment, you breached the agreement. Whether it be by their mistake or yours. Now, is it right? No.

How late on payments do you have to be before your car can be repoed in Arizona?

Depends on your finance agreement. Most say that after you miss a payment it can be repo'd. There really is no state mandated time limit before repossession can occur. Best thing to do is make your payments and that way you don't have to worry about it.

What is the code city to send to western union payment to chase auto finance?

The Western Union City Code for Chase Auto Finance payments is ChaseAuto-NY.

American General Finance Corporation When is your payment do?

never...I don't have anything financed by AGF.

If you are in default and the company has agreed to a monthly payment but won't submit it in writing can they still repossess the car?

If you do not make the payments agreed to in the contract, on time, the answer is yes. if they agree to accepting a payment get it in writing ,then you have them.otherwise your screwed they will lie and tell you anything to get the car If it ain't in writing it ain't no agreement.

What is a Hardship agreement credit card companies?

A Hardship Agreement, is when you as the consumer agrees to pay the minimum payment with no APR, or finance charges for a number of months. This is the last option you have to pay your debt.

How would one set up IRS payments online?

You can apply online to make payments to the IRS if you owe $50,000 or less. You must then pay a fee in order to set up an installment agreement after determining the maximum payment you can make. You must then go to the following website in order to determine your eligibility and submit your application:

Can you pay a civil judgment in payments?

Usually you can work out a payment plan with a judgment creditor. If you do not have the money now, a payment plan (and settlement agreement) is a cheaper and better alternative to the other collection techniques in the Creditor's arsenal.

Is it normal for a finance company to turn down an immediate 2 month payment offer on a loan that is 5 payments behind on a 6 year old vehicle?

YES, it is.

How can I calculate loan payment information?

Yes, you can find a calculator for loans payments at the following finance calculators or Money Banking / Loans Loans

I've broken a partial (three teeth together) and I don't have insurance. Will anyone accept a payment plan?

Any dentist will accept a payment plan in exchange in services, you will have to talk to the finance department for available payments and other options.

I owe 4 payments on a car but the total left on the car is more than the 4 payments the bank said that it is like that because of late payment fees can they repo if i pay just the 4 payments.?

Late payment fees are agreed upon by you when you sign the finance contract, yes you owe the additional money as long as their addition of the fees is within the guidelines stated in the contract.

What is repossesion?

A car repossession happens when a person falls behind on their car payments and the finance company reclaims the car. The goods they are paying for on a recurring basis are not legally theirs until payment has been paid in full. Until this happens, They will not be classed as the 100% rightful owner of the goods until the lien is removed. When the payments as stated in the agreement are not paid accordingly the repossession of the goods can be taken into effect. When this happens, then a lender can take legal action against you for the money owed to them. Some agreements allow you to miss one or two payments which can be added on at the end of the term. Please be aware that, your finance company can take your car back after missing one payment.

What can happen if you hide a vehicle from the bank for non payment?

This all depends on where in the world you are and the kind of agreement you signed up to. As a rule of thumb the bank owns the vehicle until all your payments are paid off. If you do not make payments your obligations with the bank include returning the vehicle to their vehicle collection personnel. With this in mind, Hiding the vehicle from the bank could be classed as theft so criminal proceedings could be taken out against you. Many finance companies and some banks are now insisting that Tracking devices are fitted to vehicles for the full term of the finance agreement. Hiding your car from them would be almost impossible.

What is the ratio of 400 down payment to the amount of 1200?

400 down payments : 1200 = 1 down payment : 3 payments or 1/3 dp : 1 payment

Can you sell your car with payments left on the loan?

Someone cannot sell his car if there are still some pending payments on a loan. It is however possible to enter an agreement with the financier so that the remaining payments can be financed by part of the proceeds from the car sale. An extra interest payment may be charged for that.

Can you make a cosinger's agreement in which you obtain ownership if the other party misses his payment?

That's what they do at the bank, if the main person does not make the payments the cosigner is responsible to take it over.

Would a finance company repossess your car if you only have three payments left but are more than 30 days late?

Yes, they will repossess if you have only one payment left.

Is there a statutet of limitation for collecting payment of a reposessed auto?

There are no Statue of limitations on repossession orders given to repo companies. Payments to the finance company can be squashed easily as going into bankruptcy!

How are chapter 13 bankruptcy payments determined?

Determined by taking your income and subtracting expenses- anything left over is the required payment.

How does a balloon payment calculator work?

The balloon payment calculator takes into account your balloon payments, or your large usually last payment of your loan, and meshes it with your current loan and additional payments.

What are your monthly payments?

Monthy payments are payments you make every month, like a house payment, loan payment, water, electric, gas (for heating), phone, insurance if you pay monthly, etc.

Two Ways To Finance?

Vehicle financing can be done two ways. You can go to a buy here, pay here car dealership that will sometimes report to credit agencies. If you have good credit, you can finance a car at a larger dealership. Small buy here, pay here lots require a smaller down payment and the monthly payments are not as expensive. You have a choice of when you would like to make your payments during the month depending on how you get paid. Larger car dealers can offer specials to customers on down payments and monthly payments. They will definitely make a report to a credit agency, and the payment will be due at a certain point in the month.

How long after a missed car payment does the finance company repossess the vehicle?

The question is, "Why would you worry about a missed payment when you have interest in the vehicle?" The money that you used as your down payment and any payments you have made total your interest in the vehicle. Why are people running from the repo man when in fact you can place the finance company on notice that, if your interest is repossessed, you will file criminal charges in federal court against the finance company and get triple what the car is worth. I guarantee you they won't take it. You can also put a mechanics lien on the vehicle to protect your interest in it.

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