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What is the time span of a late payment until your vehicle will be repossessed in the state of North Carolina?


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2005-03-07 09:13:44
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That is determined by the LENDER.


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Nothing, current inspection is not required to transfer a motor vehicle title in North Carolina.

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Yes, the business where the vehicle is located must allow the retrieval of personal items from the impounded vehicle, and is required to keep those items secured until they have been returned to the legal owner or the court rules otherwise.

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In North Carolina, a lender can repossess a car when just 1 payment is missing. They can also repossess it if you let the insurance lapse and are current on your monthly payments.

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where do you mail in your extension form 4868 for norht carolina

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North Carolina does have a buyer remorse law. It does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle but does apply to unsolicited sales.

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