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That is determined by the LENDER.

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Q: What is the time span of a late payment until your vehicle will be repossessed in the state of North Carolina?
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What is required when selling a vehicle with expired inspection sticker in North Carolina?

Nothing, current inspection is not required to transfer a motor vehicle title in North Carolina.

Are you allowed to retrieve personal property from a repossessed vehicle in North Carolina?

Yes, the business where the vehicle is located must allow the retrieval of personal items from the impounded vehicle, and is required to keep those items secured until they have been returned to the legal owner or the court rules otherwise.

How late can your payment be before repo in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, a lender can repossess a car when just 1 payment is missing. They can also repossess it if you let the insurance lapse and are current on your monthly payments.

What is the address to mail a payment for federal taxes if live in North Carolina?

where do you mail in your extension form 4868 for norht carolina

Can you have your vehicle inspected in another state and receive your north carolina sticker?


Does North Carolina have a 72 hour buyers remorse law?

North Carolina does have a buyer remorse law. It does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle but does apply to unsolicited sales.

What color should a light bar be on a security vehicle?

they are green in North Carolina

What is the sentence for felony death by motor vehicle in North Carolina?

15 to life

If a car has California plates but was repossessed in North Carolina is there anything you can do to get it back?

Simple question, simple answer. CALL THE LENDER. They can tell you how much to redeem and how long to do it.

What are some cities in North Carolina without a letter e?

· Burlington, North Carolina · Cary, North Carolina · Durham, North Carolina · High Point, North Carolina · Kitty Hawk, North Carolina · Morgantown, North Carolina · Oxford, North Carolina · Salisbury, North Carolina · Wilmington, North Carolina

If there is a cosigner can they take the vehicle if the loan is in good standing in North Carolina?

No, a co-signer has no legal right to a vehicle unless they are on the title.

Is North Carolina south of South Carolina?

North Carolina is north of South Carolina.

How much sales tax would you pay on a vehicle purchased in Georgia if you are a resident of North Carolina?

You would pay no sales tax to Georgia. You would be responsible to pay a use tax to the state of North Carolina for the retail price of the vehicle based upon the location where you will be registering the vehicle. This is normally collected by the N.C. DMV when registering the vehicle.

Can you pay a traffic ticket electronically in nc?

Yes, you can pay a traffic ticket online in North Carolina. There is a statewide website that allows you to submit payment electronically. You must have your citation number in order to use this system. Keep in mind that by paying the ticket, you are admitting guilt to the citation. See the North Carolina Traffic Ticket Payment related link. For more information on North Carolina courts and court resources, see the North Carolina Court Guide related link. Type your answer here...

Where is North Carolina located in North Carolina in relation to the world?

In north carolina

Do you have to pay sales tax when purchasing a used car from a business in North Carolina?

If the vehicle is titled in the business name you will pay sales tax. About 2 to 4 weeks after you register the vehicle you will get a form in the mail from the North Carolina Department of Revenue explaining how to pay the tax.

Which Southern state is North of South Carolina?

North Carolina is north of South Carolina

What was the original name of North Carolina?

The original name of North Carolina is North Carolina

Can you remove your separated spouse from your auto insurance in the state of North Carolina?

Not if she is listed as part owner of the vehicle.

Which state is farther north North Carolina or South Carolina?

The US State of North Carolina is farther north than South Carolina.

Is North Carolina farther north than South Carolina?

North Carolina is farther north than South Carolina, hence the name.

How far is Albemarle North Carolina from Charlotte North Carolina?

Charlotte North Carolina Is About 1 Hour Away From Albemarle North Carolina

Is North Carolina north of Carolina?

North carolina is the northern part of one of the first colonies "carolina" which was later seperated into north and south

Is North Carolina north?

North Carolina is north of everything that is south of it. North Carolina is not considered to be in the northern part of the US. It is actually considered to be south. It is called North Carolina to distinguish itself from South Carolina

Is there a statute of limitation on medical bills in North Carolina?

Medical services are typically provided based on a written agreement. In North Carolina the limit is set at only 3 years. The time starts from the last acknowledgement of the debt, such as a payment.