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Unless you bring her home for visitation purposes then you are free and clear already if she is under the protection of a treatment facility. However, if she is in and out of the treatment facility and still continues to accuse you of abuse it's time to make an appointment with the head of Administration at that facility and go over your mother's case and be sure that the doctor understands that no such thing happened. My mother (without the family realizing it) had Dementia and had turned on me (her caregiver). It was painful for me because I had to get a "Cease/Desist Order" against my own mother as she was accusing me of stalking, coming into her condo (I didn't have a key) and hadn't talked to her in 15 years. I had the RCMP at my door (they knew I had done nothing, but had to follow up on the complaint) and I was extremely stressed out. It's tough to see someone you love with any type of mental deterioration. I was blessed though. They put my mother in hospital and she was given a psychiatric test and an MRI and found out she had Dementia. She was treated with Resperidol and for almost a year I had my old mom back once again. Other than her being in a nursing home we did have a good relationship before she passed away 9 months later. If you mother is younger and has mental illness off and on this is a tough one for you, but remember, having mental illiness is no different than having Heart disease, Diabetes, etc. Realize this person would not be doing or saying these things to you normally and try not to take it to heart. Your mother is a "shadow of her former self" right now and if not elderly she could well come back healthy and productive in society. Good luck Marcy

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Q: If a mother who has been treated for mental illness accuses you of abuse while still in a treatment facility what are your rights?
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