If a neighbor's tree falls on your property who's Home Insurance is responsible for its removal?

Insured natural Acts?

Fortunately, no one is held liable for acts of nature. If a tree fell on your house whether from your yard or some other yard due to a natural occurrence you should be covered under you own homeowners policy for the damage. Likewise if your tree fell onto your neighbors house, the damage would be covered by his or her Homeowners insurance.

I saw on one of the court shows where that exact thing happened. A tree fell into a neighbor's yard and damaged their fence. The neighbor tried to sue the guy who's tree had fallen. However, the judge said that it was not the guy's fault that mother nature caused the tree to fall. However, if the neighbor had given multiple written notices in advance asking the neighbor to please have the tree chopped down, the she would have had evidence that there was an on-going problem and the guy would have been responsible for damages to her fence.

The analysis is somewhat more complex, and involves the issue of negligence. Stated otherwise, if the was known, or should have been known, to be rotten or otherwise subject to collapse, its owner was responsible for attending to it. If it does cause damage due to its weakened condition, the owner's liability insurance should answer for the neighbor's damage. The failure to have attended to the tree when the owner know that it was likely to cause damage is the essence of negligence.

If, for some reason, the damaged party's insurer pays for the repair, it can subrogate against the tree owner (and his/her insurer) and attempt to recover its payment. That process is called subrogation.