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If it was given to the child, then no.

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Q: If a parent has lifetime rights to live in the house given to the child can the parent sell the property in North Carolina?
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North Carolina parent signing parental rights away?

Can you terminate parental rights if the absent parent is paying suport

How long does the family have to remove personal belongings of a family member that had lifetime rights to a property after the person that had lifetime rights deceased?

90 Days

Who name is a deed in if they have a lifetime dowry?

Person has lifetime dowry to live in home on the property, but property is deeded to someone else. If the person with the lifetime dowry moves out of the home and then moves backs did they relinquish thier lifetime rights?

Is it legal for a parent to trick you into signing your rights away on property?


Must a parent with lifetime rights sign sale contract?

You mean a contract to sell a property in which the parent has a life estate? No. If the children want to sell their future interest in the property, it is separate from the rights of the parent with a life estate. Similarly, the children do not need to be asked if the the parent wants to sell (or mortgage) his or her life estate to someone else. On the other hand, if the buyers want clear title, with no life estate, then you have a different problem: terminating the life estate, by merging it with the future estate, and what's in it for you?

How do you claim the right of the property from non-custudial parent?

Property rights are settled in court by a court decree.

Do lifetime rights expire when a parent remarries?

If you are talking about a life estate, the answer is no unless stated in the life estate.

My wife has lifetime rights to a home. if she died do i have any rights to the property?

No. A life estate is extinguished when he life tenant dies.

If a parent has lifetime rights to a property can they move anyone else in?

Sure. The unrestricted life tenant can do anything on the property he or she wants to, except perhaps waste or encumber it, for as long as he or she lives. This could include, for example leasing it to someone else entirely. It's as if the life tenant "owns" the property, but only for life.

What rights do surviving children and step children have to property?

Step children have no rights to the property. The children are entitled to half the estate. The step parent would get the other half.

If one sibling has power of attorney for a parent - what are the other siblings rights?

The child who was granted Power of Attorney is the only child with any "rights". Children have no "rights" in their parent's property while their parent is living.

Can a custodial parent in North Carolina deny visitation with the noncustodial parent because the noncustodial parent moved out of state for work?

Only the court has the power to deny visitation rights.

Can you put your husband out if your name is not on the deed to the house?

No. You have no such property rights.No. You have no such property rights.No. You have no such property rights.No. You have no such property rights.

What if the deceased parent is not remarried but divorced with children over 21 what rights does the children have to personal property?

Why should adult children have any rights to the personal gains of a parent, unless they worked to add to them?

Does property go into the persons name that is given lifetime rights to it?

No. That person does not own legal title to the property. They simply have the right to the use and possession as long as they live.

What rights do children have when the parent dies in Louisiana but stills owes money?

Generally, if the parent left any property, that property must be used to pay the decedent's debts before any property cab be distributed to the heirs. If the parent left no property the creditors are out of luck unless the children had agreed to pay the debts prior to the parent's death.

Can a child have the rights to their parents' property if in jail?

Generally, being incarcerated does not take away a person's property rights. However, if there is a mortgage to pay, property taxes, insurance and utility bills, the property could be lost for non-payment. If you are dwelling in the property and paying for the upkeep and maintenance, then you should request your parent transfer ownership to you. If you need to manage the property for your parent then he/she must execute a Power of Attorney that names you as the attorney-in-fact. That would give you the authority to stand in for your parent, sign your parent's name and manage the property. The parent could also transfer ownership to the children if he/she will be incarcerated for a long time. The situation changes when a parent is found criminally responsible for the death of the other parent. In that case the incarcerated parent's right to any marital property is wiped out and title passes to the children. You should seek the advice of an attorney in your area who could review your situation and determine what your rights and options are.

Does the parent who relinquished his parental rights have to pay child support in South Carolina?

Yes, until/unless the child is adopted.

If you have lifetime rights to a home but the home owner dies what happens?

If you have a life estate and the property owner died then you retain your life estate and the property owner's heirs are the new owners.

My father has lifetime rights to my property and the tax bill comes in his name can I take him to court and make him give up his rights because he won't pay the taxes?

Sounds like the property is his. Either you pay the taxes and continue to live there or whatever or you let him not pay the taxes and "he" loses the property.

Your name is on the deed can someone with lifetime rights make you move?

A person who has a life estate in the property has the right to the use and possession of the property for the duration of their natural life. You have not explained how the situation came about.

Can a lien be placed on a home deeded with lifetime rights?

Yes, they can place a lien. The property still has value and the life estate doesn't effect that.

Legal rights of an eighteen year old in North Carolina?

The state of North Carolina considers a person of 18 to be of legal age. They are able to move and live their life without the consent of a parent.

If someone gives you lifetime rights to a home what do you need to do to make it legal?

Answer:On the discussion page you explained that you want to give your daughter lifetime rights to live in your home. The legal term for lifetime rights in real property is a life estate. The most common way to create 'lifetime rights' in real estate is by granting a life estate in a deed. However, that may not be the best option to use if your daughter does not have legal capacity.Granting a life estate in real property gives the life tenant the right to the use and possession of the property for the duration of their natural life. The property cannot be mortgaged, refinanced or sold without the written consent of the life tenant. You need to discuss this issue with an attorney who can review your situation, the reason you have made such a decision and explain your options. The attorney should be an expert in estate planning.

How do you sign over your rights in South Carolina?

In general, parental rights are terminated either preparatory to an adoption, or after a trial in which it is determined that the parent is unfit. In any case, termination of parental rights does not, in itself, terminate child support.