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Very possibly. Talk to a lawyer if you have concerns and buy a personal liability policy giving you a million dollars or more of liability coverage to protect your assets.

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Q: If a parent of an adult child is listed as co-owner of the car are they legally responsible for accidents?
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Are parents responsible for their adult child's medical bills if they aren't legally responsible for the child?

Not unless they are still listed on the insurance policy. Under the new laws in the US, they can be on the policy until they turn 26.

Can youTransfer motorcycle titles in Oklahoma to minors?

Minors are not legally able to "own" things, especially motor vehicles. They can be listed as a co-owner along with a responsible adult or guardian though.

Who is repsonsible if someone you did not give permission and does not have a license causes an accident my daughter who is listed on my policy did give permission?

You are still responsible for her and her decisions Legally the owner of the vehicle is going to be held liable.

Does the states or people responsible for the powers not listed in the constitution?

It's the states responsibility if it is not listed in the constitution.

Can you evict your spouse if they are not listed on lease?

You can indeed evict our spouse if they are not listed on lease. All is fair game when not legally stated.

If two buyers are listed on car contract but no co-signer is listed will second buyer be responsible in repossession?

ANYONE who's name is on the loan contract is responsible for the debt. Who will sell someone a car and that someone NOT be responsible for paying?? NOT ME LOL

Are you responsible for your deceased mother's debt with an applicance store?

If you were not listed as a joint account holder you are not responsible for the debt.

Can my husband legally change the locks on a property that I'm listed on as a resident?

no it is not legal.

What is the rate of car crash accidents in the US?

Car accidents and numbers of death from these accidents in the United States of America is listed as 10.8 million for the year of 2009. One can find more information and details on the specific types of accidents and numbers of injuries or death can be found at the United States Census Bureau website.

Are you responsible for your husband's debts if you are not listed in Texas?

In many cases they will be held responsible. They are deemed to have benefited from to goods and services.

Am i responsible for the debt on credit card after card holder's death i made most of the purchases with his approval we were not married and he had the card before we met?

Are you listed on the credit card account as a joint owner? If so, you are legally liable for it. If you are not listed on the account, you are not legally liable for it. Some sneaky collection agencies will try to make pay by telling you that you must pay, so beware. You can learn more about your rights in debt collection by reading up on the FDCPA.

Can a 16 year old legally own a car without parental consent?

Legally they cannot hold title to a car. Someone else has to be listed on the title.

Are mothballs legally sold?

Mothballs are legally sold for use of the purposes listed on the label. It is illegal to use mothballs for other purposes including using mothballs in gardens.

How deadly are motor vehicle accidents?

Motor vehicle accidents can be deadly and are listed as the leading cause of death in children ranging in ages 2-14. Statistics show that in the U.S. a person dies every twelve minutes from a car accident and that 40,000 annually die from car accidents.

I have relatives living with me Does it cost more to have relative listed on car insurance?

If they have tickets and accidents, then it should. If they are good drivers, then it shouldn't.

Are you responsible for your husband's debts if you are not listed in Oklahoma?

No. Oklahoma is not a community property state.

Who is responsible for negotiating executive compensation for a large listed company?

Compensation Committee

Who is responsible for insurance deductible in an accident of commercial vehicle?

The Company who owns the vehicle would be responsible for deductibles listed on the policy their own policy.

20 year old son at fault in an car accident that hit a home the person inside of the home was injured He is listed on our policy however can they come after me who is the owner of vehicle?

Legally, your 20year old son is considered an adult and responsible for his own actions. Without knowing any other details, I'd say that you would not be held responsible for your son's actions.

Is an adult child of a deceased parent responsible for foreclosure debts?

Not unless they were listed on the deed of the property that was foreclosed. The estate is responsible for settling the debts.

If you are the beneficiary listed on an insurance policy how can a person or persons not listed on the policy contest the claim if a change of benefit form was requested but never submitted?

Legally and contractually the named beneficiary is the beneficiary.

If you co-sign an auto lease can you be listed on the loan second or do you have to be listed first?

Doesnt matter too much, you will be just as responsible if the primary buyer defaults.

How long after filing chatper 7 bankruptcy in Illinois is discharged?

It generally takes 3-4 months after your meeting of creditors to receive your discharge. The discharge is the court order that says that all of the debts that you have listed in your Chapter 7 are discharged, that you are no longer legally responsible for them and that you are entitled to a fresh start.

Does South Carolina make spouses responsible for the others debt in their name only?

Under South Carolina law, debt that is incurred during a marriage is presumed to be marital debt. This would mean that both spouses are legally obligated for their share of the debt, regardless of the listed individual to the debt.

What if your landlord left all of his things in the house you rented for a year he is accusing you of taking them they were not listed on lease are you responsible?

i think it is considered abandoned if it is not in your lease it shouldn't be there, therefore you are not responsible.