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If a person goes mainly after significantly younger 'targets' could this mean they are possibly a control freak and should be avoided?

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July 15, 2015 6:49PM

Two of my long-term relationships (one of which I am currently attempting to dissolve) have been with men several years older and it was/is awful after they think you're "under control" (after they initially are so charming). As far as a 30 yr old chasing teenagers, that's just sad. . .they're of the age of consent, so the older person is not committing a crime. Without meaning to infer that it "never works", true intentions are questionable.

It depends on the person's cultural, ethnic, and social background, on his upbringing, and of the nature of his relationships with his "targets".

If his mates are minors, he may be a latent pedophile. If the relationships are consensual, he may indeed be an insecure person or even a control freak.