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They're a juvinile right? They get a ticket (unlicensed driver) and probably will not be able to get their license until they're 18, maybe 20. If under age, the parents will probably be held responsible for the damage to the other car.

2006-08-09 19:16:06
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How can you lose your liscence?

You can loose your licence if you get into an accident that was caused by you where someone was injured or even if you get caught not wearing a seatbelt.

What is the driving age in Sydney Australia?

you can get your learners when your 16, and have to have them for a year, driving with someone who has their full licence, then when you turn 17 you can go for your P1's if youv'e done 120 hours of driving (you can drive alone on your P1's, then after that you go on to have you P2's, then finally your full licence) you can get your learners when your 16, and have to have them for a year, driving with someone who has their full licence, then when you turn 17 you can go for your P1's if youv'e done 120 hours of driving (you can drive alone on your P1's, then after that you go on to have you P2's, then finally your full licence)

What are the risk when talking on the phone while driving?

You will get in an accident and kill someone.

What happends if you get caught with your learners licence without a gardian?

Different states will have different laws. Check with your local DMV if you really want to know. In most states you can lose your driving priveleges until you are 18 years old. If someone is dumb enough to break the law driving before they get their license, what kind of dumb things will they do after they get their license.?????

If someone is driving your car and you do not have them on your insurance and they get into accident are you covered?

Although it depends on your insurance, the driver is covered if driving with your permission.

Would I be responsible if someone else is driving my car and they get into accident?

No. The driver is responsible.

How old do yo you have to be to drive?

At 15 you can get a permit, 16 you officially have a license to drive. In the UK you must be 16 to obtain a provisional driving licence which allows you to drive only with someone else supervising who holds a full valid driving licence and has held that licence for a minimum of two years.

What does ICDL and ECDL stands for?

In relation to computers - they are the International Computer Driving Licence, and European Computer Driving Licence. Looking at the definitions on the internet - they apparently replace the NVQ qualifications. However - I'm sure someone will correct this if I'm wrong.

If you sell your car to someone with a suspended license are you responsible if that person gets into an accident?

If the person is legally an adult then no, they should have known better then to drive without a licence. Person does not need a licence for you to sell them a car.

Can you drink an alcohol beverage while driving?

You can - but morally you shouldn't - and legally you could lose your licence or worse KILL someone !

What does driving while barred mean?

Normally, it means someone who is operating a motor vehicle while having had their licence suspended.

If someone was driving a car without a license and had an accident can you still get your car fixed?

depends on the insurance company

If you have an accident while driving someone else's car does it effect your own insurance?

it might not affect you current policy but after renewal the points you received in that accident with Hurt you.

What happens if someone has an accident in your car but you were not driving?

If the person driving was given permission then all coverage should apply per the provisions of your particular policy.

What is an accompanied license driver?

It's when a learner driver is accompanied by a person holding a full driving licence - someone other than a driving instructor (perhaps a family member or friend).

What are the rules regarding someone driving a forklift without a licence?

a lot off times they well made you stopping it to do it or force you to take a class.

Can you fly to Scotland from England with a driving license?

A driving licence allows you to drive cars and other road vehicles it does not allow you to fly an aircraft. You would need a pilots licence in order to fly to Scotland from England or you could just buy a plane ticket and someone else will fly you there.

If someone else was driving your car and got into an accident does the person who owns the car's insurance go up?


If you rent a car and do not add a driver but you allow someone to drive and they are in an accident but you say you are driving what can happen?

huh ? o.O -.-

Will your insurance cover an accident if your friend was driving?

It should, if you let someone borrow your car, coverages should apply.

When you're taking your first drivers test and you get into an accident and you kill someone is that your fault?

Well, I would assume so. You were driving the car, and you were in control. If I am right, you can't blame your driving school for the accident. So in my personal opinion, yes, it is your fault! :[

Can you get a ticket for reckless driving if someone calls in your licence plate?

Yes, you can because your lisence plate is for your car only. The police will know it's your car.

What could the driver be charged with if someone is injured or killed?

If someone in a vehicle accident is injured or killed, one or all of the drivers involved in the accident may be charged with vehicular manslaughter or felon reckless or drunken driving, depending on the circumstances. The driver charged does not necessarily have to be the one who caused the accident.

Did the baseball player Brad Ausmus kill someone in a drunk driving accident?

No. Your confusing him with former catcher Jim Leyritz.

What are the effects of texting and driving?

An accident with possible injuries and death. If you have an accident while texting and someone dies as a result of this you can be charged with negligent homicide and if convicted go to jail for a long time.