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No because water heaters have a safety valves and when the pilot light goes out the safety valve shuts off the gas

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Q: If a pilot light goes out in a gas water heater does the gas keep running?
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Will a water heater consume gas while is not running?

A small amount to keep the pilot light going.

When the pilot light cut off from the water heater for 2 days do you have to run water for it to reheat?

If the pilot light is on, the heater should come on by itself. If the pilot light is off then it has to be lit. If it will not stay on, the thermocouple is bad.

How do you light the pilot on a 10 year old Teledyne Lars LLG pool heater with an electronic spark?

You don't. If the heater has an electronic spark, then it doesn't have a standing pilot to light. The spark lights the pilot when there is a call for heat, which in turn lights the burners. If the heater is on and the pump is RUNNING, the heater should light automatically when the water temperature is lower than the heat setting.

Hot water heater pilot light works heater wont light?

Have you turned the control from Pilot to On? Have you increased the temperature setting?

Will setting water heater to pilot still heat water?

No, that is where you put it to light the pilot light. That is the only thing that will come on at that setting.

Does the water heater still fill with water when the pilot light is off?


What is a orifice on water heater?

Gas water heater has an orifice for main burner and for pilot light, if not electronic ignition.

Should the pilot light be on for an empty gas water heater?


If a pilot light go out on a water heater?

The gas will shut off and the heater will not work. Modern heaters do not have a pilot light but ignite the gas each time it is needed (this saves on gas).

How do you turn off a heater pilot light?

Same as any hot water heater. Turn the gas valve to off.

How much will it cost to fix the pilot light on a gas water heater?

small amount

Hot water heater pilot wont light?

THERMOCOUPLE or defective gas valve

If the pilot light goes out on your hot water heater is it dangerous or harmful?

No, it is not dangerous. (Unless you are working with a water heater that is 20+ years old.) In any modern hot water heater, if the pilot light goes out a fail-safe will go off - preventing gas from leaking out. Also, there is a sensor so if there is not enough air-flow or oxygen with the water heater, it will shut off the gas.

Are the line going to the thermal coupler and pilot light supposed to get hot?

is the lines on the thermal coupler and pilot light for a hot water heater supposed to get hot

When the pilot light is off does the water heater still fill up?

The water continues to run into and out of the water heater. There is just no flame to heat it up.

Why does a pilot light goes out on a water heater?

The thermocouple is bad. That is the small tube that sits in the flame of the pilot light and runs to the control valve. Easy and cheap to replace.

Hot water in bath not working?

If the tub is not getting hot water the issue is probably with the hot water heater. The hot water heater may have tripped a breaker or the pilot light went out.

Why doesn't my hot water heater light everytime?

If it is gas operated, the hot water heater may not light because it may have a defective millivolt sensor. The millivolt sensor is heated up by the pilot and generates a fractional amount of voltage telling the gas valve that the pilot is lit and the gas valve can now be safely opened to heat the water heater.

What is causing my gas hot water heater to shut off?

Thermocouple is most likely the problem but it also can be wind and draft which blows out the pilot light and very rare it can be you have a air pocket in your line or sometimes condensation can drip on the pilot. If you have a flame when starting the pilot light as you are pushing down on a non forced air gas water heater and the pilot goes out after you release the pilot handle then 90 out of a 100 times its your Thermocouple. If you have a forced air tank type gas water heater it can be a lot more sophisticated and I recommend you read your manual trouble shoot guide and follow those steps for YOUR specific water heater.

Why does water heater pilot light go out when gas is turned on?

low back, spillage, or a bad thermocouple.

Can i adjust the pilot light on my hot water heater?

Most pilot lights are not adjustable. If it's not working properly the usual solution is to change the thermocouple.

Can you leave pilot light on went hot water heater is empty?

Pilot light alone will not produce enough heat to damage the tank, but the main burner will destroy the tank and possibly start a fire. Why would anyone want to leave the pilot light on an empty tank?

How long does it take a used 40 gallon water heater to heat up if the pilot went out?

To infinity and beyond. Without pilot light, burner will never turn on to heat water.

Why isn't the gas hot water pilot not lighting?

Gas not turned on to water heater. Gas valve on water heater not set to pilot setting. Faulty gas valve. Igniter for lighting pilot not working.

Why is the pilot light keep going out on your hot water heater?

Spillage excessive condensate bad thermocouple draft