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Yes. Plead not guilty and send in the ticket for a court date. When you have a date with the judge, let him/her know about the error and make a case that if the officer made a mistake here, he might possibly have made a mistake about your speeding altogether. It is called a "technicality" and people get away with murder that way.

The decision belongs to the judge, however a simple mathematical error is not legal grounds for dismissal of a ticket. It is even less likely that the defendent will prevail in contesting the case if he or she has a record of previous traffic violations.

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Q: If a police officer makes a math error when calculating mph over speed limit might one have grounds for having the speeding citation dismissed?
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On a Massachusetts Uniform Citation for speeding if the Race is wrong W instead of A do you have grounds to get the ticket thrown out?

No, the race has nothing to do with the citation itself. Unless you were being charged with a race crime then the judge will not throw this citation out of court.

If you received a Massachusetts Uniform Citation for speeding and the officer wrote down the wrong name do I have grounds to get the ticket thrown out?

It's worth a try, but if you are clearly identifiable then it's unlikely that it would be dismissed. It's going to depend on how far off the name is, and the mood of the judge involved.

Can auditors be dismissed?

Yes, they can. Though on some procedural grounds, auditors can sure be dismissed.

What are the grounds for arrest?

Probable cause ithat you committed the offense is grounds for arrest. For instance, understand that when you are issued a traffic citation, the officer can arrest you and book you on the violation. Being issued a citation and allowed to go on your way is a courtesy, but NOT a requirement.

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Is a traffic citation dismissed because of errors?

Typically, minor errors are not grounds for dismissal. However, you or a good attorney can use such mistakes to bring the credibility of the officer's testimony against you into question. Additionally, if the error was either neglecting to state the specific code section or stating the wrong code section of the alleged violation, you may be able to get the charges dismissed under the fatal variation doctrine, meaning that the error on the summons caused you to not be able to prepare a suitable defense to the charges before you.

If you received a Massachusetts Uniform Citation for speeding and the officer does not check the box for all civil infractons or any box in that section do I have grounds to get the ticket thrown out?

No, an officer's error in properly filling out the citation does not GUARANTEE it will be thrown out, and is in no way by itself a reason for being found "not responsible" However if the judge decides that the officer could have also made a mistake on say the "infraction itself" then the judge may call the officers attention to detail into question wondering what else the officer could have made a "mistake" on.

Can you reverse a civil case before it goes to court?

You cannot "reverse" a case before it goes to court, because there is nothing yet to reverse. You probably mean can you get a case dismissed before it goes to court. The answer is Yes and that depends on the facts of the case and the law involved. It can be dismissed on substantive or procedural grounds. Dismissal on substantive grounds is usually done by summary judgment. This can occur if a court finds that under the law involved, even if the plaintiff proves his case, he still is not entitled to a judgment against the defendant. Dismissal on procedural grounds can occur when one or another party fails to do something the court rules require that party do, like providing discovery on time. A dismissal on substantive reasons acts like a final adjudication. The action may be appealed but not reinstated. An action dismissed on procedural grounds can be reinstated if the failure is corrected unless a statute of limitations prevents it.

Can someone sue the state of Texas for false arrest after the criminal charges are dismissed in a court of law?

"Anyone can sue anybody for anything." If there was sufficient probable cause for your arrest to begin with, simply because the charge was 'dismissed' would not be sufficient grounds for a suit, unless there was MUCH more to the incident than the question reveals.

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They take into account the seriousness of the crime, including length of conviction, and when the crime was committed. Driving offenses like speeding aren't grounds for not receiving accreditation.

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