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No. All SS benefits are exempt from garnishment action with the exception of the IRS, child support and in very rare cases spousal maintenance (alimony).

2006-07-23 18:04:01
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A creditor won a judgment against me and the estate of my marriage for a debt incurred prior to my marriage can my husband's wages be garnished to collect on this judgment?

If the husband was not liable for the debt, then his wages cannot be garnished to collect on the judgment. The judgment is against the person who incurred the debt.

Can military widow benefits be garnished due to legal judgment against the widow?


can my wages be garnished for credit card debt?

Yes, if you were prosecuted for it and a judgment was made against you.

Can wages be garnished if you live in Texas?

No Texas does not allow wages to be garnished, however the person or company can get a judgment against you and take the money from your bank account.

In the state of Michigan can a deficiency judgment garnish wages?

Garnished wages happen because a lawsuit was won against you. These wages will continue to be garnished until the judgement is paid completely.

Who is a garnishee?

If a person has a legal financial judgment against them they can have part of their wages taken by the court. Their wages are garnished and they are the garnishee.

In the State of Michigan can a joint checking account be garnished if only one person on the account has the judgment against them?


Can wages be garnished for non payment of credit card bills in Florida?

If your creditor has obtained a judgment against you, yes.

If you have a judgment against you in AZ can you have your wages garnished?

Yes. Wage garnishment is applicable in all 50 states, as part of the UCC.

Will a judgment affect a spouse?

A judgment against one partner has the potential to affect both parties. The person who placed the judgment can have wages garnished, place a lien on your home or get a court order to access your bank accounts.

Can wages be garnished to obtain unpaid rent in Duval County Florida?

Yes, but only if the landlord has a valid civil judgment against you.

Is it legal for your wages to be garnished in Florida?

Yes. If someone has gotten a judgment against you & you have failed to pay them, they can file for a wage garnishment also.

Can your wages be garnished if you voluntarily repo your car in Texas?

YES No, wages can not be garnished in Tx except for the IRS, Student Loans, & Child Support.....They can however garnish a bank account if they get a judgment against you in court.

Can my wages be garnished because of my wife's medical bills?

Wages can be garnished if the creditor wins a judgment against you. In order to so that, you must first be sued by the creditor. And the creditor must win the judgment in court. If you are sued, be sure to attend the court hearing and plead your case to prevent this from happening.

What can happen if you can't pay a judgment against you?

Your wages will be garnished or bank account levied or any real property you own will have a lien filed against it, until you can pay it off.

Can a landlord report a judgment against a tenant to the credit bureaus when he has the tenant's Social Security Number?

Yes, a landlord can report a judgment against a tenant. Often, the court will report the judgment to the credit bureau.

How can you have the wages of your ex garnished?

Only a court can enter a judgment for wage garnishment. If you have some kind of child custody or alimony order, you can petition the court for garnishment based on non-payment. If you think she just owes you money, you have to sue her, she has to subsequently default of a judgment against her and then the court can order her wages to be garnished.

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Yes, your pension can be garnished for several reasons. If you owe child support or if there was a court judgement against you.

Can your wages be garnished in the State of Colorado for unpaid medical bills?

Yes, if the creditor (person/business/agency) that the debt is owed to is awarded a judgment from a civil suit against the debtor the judgment can be executed as a garnishment of wages.

Are you required to appear in court before your wages can be garnished?

No, the defendant (debtor) does not have to appear at the date of the hearing. A non appearance usually results in a default judgment being entered against the debtor. The debtor will receive a notice of final judgment before the judgment creditor can take steps to have the judgment executed.

Can retirement income be garnished by creditors?

Yes, that is true but the bank can go to court and get a judgment against you then call the county sheriff to go to your house and seize your personal assets from your house to satisfy the debt! No. Not directly but according to Carol: Social security benefits can only be garnished for recovery of Federal Taxes and alimony and child support obligations but, it cannot be garnished for recovery of credit card or any other types of debt. However the creditor can bring judgment against you to garnish your bank account. If the creditor garnishes your bank account then your account may be debited in full whenever any money gets credited in the account.

Can someone be sued if they have no money?

Yes. As long as the plaintiff has a valid claim against you, you can be sued and a judgment against you obtained. People with no assets are often referred as judgment-proof. This means that even if they are sued and a judgment against them is obtained, the plaintiff will not be able to seize any assets. But if you are working, you might have your wages garnished under the judgment. If a judgment against you is obtained it will be on the record for a certain number of years, depending on the state's laws. If you ever buy a house or come into money at a later date, the judgment will be there and you may have to pay it before buying that house or the plaintiff might find out about your new asset and seize it. Also, if you are not working at the time the lawsuit would be filed against you, you might get a job in the future and then your wages can be garnished. The determining factor about being sued is not whether you have money. It is whether the plaintiff has a valid claim.

What happens if you do not pay the remaining balance after a repossession?

You can be sued for the amount owed. Pursuant to that, you could have your wages garnished or be arrested for contempt if a judgment is placed against you and you refuse to pay.

Can a creditor garnish wages in PA?

Wages can be garnished in the state of PA. The creditor needs to go to court, and get a judgment against you, and garnishment will begin in approximately one month.

I am being sued over a car accident that my husband was involved in. Can my wages or teacher retirement be included in a default judgment?

If there is a default judgment against you, you will be responsible for the charges. Your wages could be garnished if you do not pay or set up a payment arrangement.