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If a spouse pays child support on a Tuesday when will the child receive the money?


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The child does not receive the money, the adult responsible for the child gets the money.

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A spouse can be held liable for child support.

When a couple has adopted a child together, each spouse is responsible for the upkeep of the child as if it were a biological child. In the case of a divorce, the non-custodial parent would have to pay child support.

You cannot receive child support until the child is born.You cannot receive child support until the child is born.You cannot receive child support until the child is born.You cannot receive child support until the child is born.

Parents have an obligation to support their minor children. If your spouse is not doing so, he (I'm assuming it's a he) can be compelled to by a court. So, yes.

yes... a immigrant child can receive child support

Your spouse has no authority to over-ride a court ordered child support.

Alimony has nothing to do with child support, meaning the divorced couple doesn't have to have children in order for an ex spouse to receive alimony. Alimony is to help (or completely) support the ex spouse, while child support is to help support the children. Also, child support is granted to the custodial parent after a divorce, while alimony depends on the state in which the couple divorce, and the conditions and circumstances of the marriage/divorce, and is not always granted to the ex spouse who is asking for the alimony.

You cannot receive child support from your spouse unless there is a court order to that effect. Generally, there must be a legal separation in order for the court to get involved in child support issues. Legal separation is not available in every jurisdiction. You should consult with an attorney who specializes in family law in your jurisdiction who can review your situation and explain your legal rights and options.

The child does not receive support payments - the custodial parent of the child does.

You have to pay the amount of child support ordered by the courts. The only way your inheritance might come into play is if your ex decides to take you back to court to get more child support.

The NCP's spouse cannot be made to pay child support.

The child support is to "support the child"...figure it out.

If spouse is ordered to pay support by a court, until another court changes that, you cannot "protect" the spouse.

No; as the term implies, spousal support is for spouses. However, you ought to be able to receive child support.

"Child support" is self-explanatory. Alimony (or maintenance) is intended to support the former spouse. It is usually temporary, until the former spouse can become self-sufficient.

Generally, no. Child support is based on the resources of the parent, not the parent's spouse.

when a person has a child it is mandatory that they pay child support no matter where they live

We don't understand what the new spouse has to do with it. The child is not his, and he is not mentioned in the divorce degree or any judgments..

Not applicable. You will receive nothing more than the normal amount for a child of a deceased parent.

No. Child support is for the support of, uh, children. Alimony (usually referred to nowadays as maintenance) is for the support of the ex-spouse.

Yes, bankruptcy does not effect spousal support or child support.

your or your current husband income (probably) wont affect the child support.the child's fathers income will though.

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