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If your daughter is under the age of eighteen, the contract is null and void, as no adult can make a contract with a minor that's binding. Even in the tougher states, the contract is considered to be tentative at best, assuming that the minor will not follow through. If your daughter is eighteen or older, the dealer is still on the hook for falsely representing the vehicle. However, depending on your state laws, you may have to pursue the matter civilly, filing suit to recoup the money and return the car. If you do that, DO NOT drive the vehicle or modify it in any way. A call to your local police station should also answer a lot of questions for you.

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Q: If a teenager bought a used car and the dealer did not disclose the car had been previously wrecked can she return it after 60 days?
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When you find out..I would love to know. I bought a vehicle in Phoenix from Chapman. They didn't disclose it had been wrecked . They bought it back...but I lost sales tax. They wouldn't unwind the deal...I live in TX.

What actions can you take if you bought a used 2004 car that had been wrecked but wasn't disclosed as having been wrecked?

== == In most states, the only time a seller is required to disclose this type of information is if the vehicle was considered a total loss and then rebuilt. This vehicle would then have a "salvage" or "rebuilt" title and you would have recourse against the seller. If the vehicle was only in an accident that was repaired, the seller is not required to disclose that. Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at

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In Kansas a private sell doesn't have to disclose a Salvage title

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What kind of things are dealerships supposed to disclose before you buy a used car?

We just bought a used car last Sunday and asked the same question. They are supposed to disclose if there is a lemon law for the vehicle, if it a salvage title and if it was in any accidents. Good luck:)

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You bought a used car and didn't realize that it had hail damage until after a couple of days the dealer failed to disclose this what should you do?

its a complicated problem but in the end you need to take it back NOW. and talk to a legal advison

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That means that at some point the car was wrecked so severely that the cost to repair it exceeded 75% of the value of the car. The car was therefore totaled and sold to a salvage yard. The salvage yard sold the car to someone who repaired it and sold it with the required salvage title. You should have noticed the salvage title when you bought the car.

What can we do to obtain a title on a car that my teenager bought from her friend with cash and the seller moved and promised they would mail the title but we have not received it yet?

title your insurance company and ask them about it.

Bought a car problem with it after 1 hour can you get money back?

A Broken CarThis is largely dependent upon the state in which you bought your car (i.e. Oregon vs California). If you bought a new car then obviously you are covered under warranty. However, if you bought a used car, they are required to inform/disclose all longstanding problems with the car, so if it was working when you got it and now it isn't it is not a longstanding problem, but if it wasn't working when you bought it and they didn't disclose that to you they are liable. Furthermore all states in the Union have a 24 to 48 hour contract negation. This means that no matter what type of contract you signed, if it within a certain period of time you are able to break that contract. It has to be a notorized notice and submited to the honor on time, withe the merchandise. This was specifically established to counteract the pushy car salesman, however if it is after this set time you are out of luck. Hope that helps.

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