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A dark tooth indicates some type of trauma. There are possibly two choices. you will possibly need root canal therapy with placement of a crown or simply a crown placement. You can only be sure by visiting a dentist for the proper treatment.

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Q: If a tooth turns dark does it have to be removed?
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Is 60 too old wisdom tooth removed?

No. I am 61 and just had a wisdom tooth removed. No problem.

Can you smoke after getting a tooth removed?


Need to get a tooth removed?

See a dentist

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What should you do if the baby tooth root is still in and the adult tooth is growing in?

You can go to the dentist and get your baby tooth/root removed. I had to get eight of mine removed last year. It's a quick and painless procedure, from my own experience.

What to do if food gets in the socket after you have a wisdom tooth removed?

get it out

What to do about an absest tooth?

go to the dentist and get it pulled out and removed

Do removed tooth roots ever regenerate themselves?


Why is half a tooth removed?

the other half was healthy

Can a dentist break your jaw while removing a tooth?

Yes, that is a potential complication of having a tooth removed.

Why would a tooth turn dark in color?

It is possible to have a tooth turn dark because there was no permanent tooth underneath. Mine was a baby tooth and all I was ever told by any dentist was, "You have a baby tooth, with no tooth under it, so I'd recommend leaving it alone unless it gives you problems." It remained and was a healthy tooth until my mid forties. At that time several teeth weakened but I was told that was due to chemotherapy and heavy medications, so the discolored or dark tooth may have lasted longer without the other complications.

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How long can a tooth stay in your mouth after the nerve has been removed?

If the nerve has been removed in your tooth, you need to have a root canal done in order to keep your tooth in your mouth. A tooth that has had a root canal treatment and ideally a crown as well, has about 85% chances of staying in your mouth for the rest of your life.

What happens if you have to get your front tooth taken out?

I had to have mine taken out. They removed it, and put in a fake tooth a couple days later.

How do you pull a tooth with minimal pain?

to get a tooth extracted with minimal pain you need to go to your dentist and get it removed surgically

How long do you have after a wisdom tooth starts to surface do you have to get it removed?

If it doesn't give you any trouble it doesn't have to be removed.

How do you remove a tooth?

you need to go to a dental practitioner and have it removed.

What bone will grow back if removed on human?

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Is the root of your tooth supposed to come out when it's pulled?

Depends. If you are having a tooth extracted by a dentist, the root will be removed. If it is a baby tooth you are losing naturally, the roots will dissolve as the new tooth is coming up under the old tooth.

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