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Your auto policy will cover it as a 'comprehensive' loss (if you have comprehensive coverage).

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Q: If a tornado rips the chimney cap off a neighbor's house and it lands on your car hood does homeowner's or auto insurance pay for the damage?
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What if there is no homeowners insurance and the house is taken by a tornado?

If you had no insurance then you're out of luck. You'll just have to buy a new house or try to rebuild or repair the one that was damaged by the tornado.

Which insurance companies covers Tornados?

A tornado is a windstorm. All homeowners Insurance companies offer coverage for windstorm damage.

If a tree in my backyard falls and does damage to neighbors privacy fence is my HO insurance liable for all costs or is his?

No, His insurance will cover his fence. Your home insurance is specific to your property and no one is liable for an act of nature,

Are you still covered if your homeowners insurance payment is 2 days late?

You better hope a tornado didn't hit in those two days.

Is it safe to be in the fire chimney during a tornado?

No. Even a weak tornado can damage a chimney and people have been killed during tornadoes by falling pieces of chimneys.

Is it mandatory to have homeowners insurance after you pay off your house?

No. Unlike auto insurance, homeowners insurance is optional and is not mandatory if your house is paid for. Just keep in mind though, if your home is lost due to fire, tornado, etc., you will not collect any kind of recovery for the loss. Also, without a homeowners insurance policy with liability coverage, you won't be covered for liability damages should someone fall or be injured in some way while at your home.

Is there tornado insurance?

I belive there is.

Can you get tornado insurance if you live in tornado alley?

Yes! Most definitely!

Who is liable when your neighbors rotten tree falls on your house or car falls on your property?

In general, Nobody is liable for an act of nature. Your auto insurance comprehensive coverage would cover damages to your car. Your homeowners insurance will cover damages to your home. The neighbor would be liable only if your can prove the neighbor knew the tree was rotten and posed a risk. If a car falls on your property, that would mean a tornado picked it up and it fell on your home. You insurance would cover that damage.

Does insurance pay for tornado damage?

That most likely depends on your insurance policy, so it is advisable that you review your insurance polcy to see if tornado damage is covered. If not, insurance for tornadoes can be purchased.

Are water leaks covered under homeowners insurance?

It depends on what caused the leak, Fire? Wind? Hail Storm? Tornado?,, Yes it would be covered. Old leaky or broken pipe? you just need a plumber, that would be normal and expected maintenance not covered under homeowners hazard.

Does homeowners cover fences?

A storm damages your fence. Wind-related damage to a fence or another insured structure on your property is typically covered by homeowners insurance whether it's the result of a tornado or just a fierce storm. Once it's safe to go outside, you should take photos of your damaged fence.

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