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Fixing a leaky sewer pipe is not covered by your policy as that is considered a normal and expected part of a homeowners maintenance responsibilities.

If your policy has coverage for accidental discharge, the resulting water damage that occurred to your property would be covered, but only after you repair the sewer line that is causing the constant damage.

There would be no point in the insurer repairing the resulting damage, if you choose not to fix the broken pipes. They will likely require you send them a plumbers receipt or certification that all repairs have been made before they will address the ensuing water damage.

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When sewer lines are also storm drains the back up may be due to problems and overload in the city conduits. Install a backflow stop valve and seal the system to pass city health code.

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Q: If a waste water pipe breaks in the basement and the house floods every time it rains does the insurance cover fixing the problem and the damage?
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Almost always, yes. You need to look in your policy under Perils Insured Against, and then the Exceptions. Your insurance company will not always offer to tell you all of the coverage you have.

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Will your insurance company pay for your damage if you have insurance but no valid registration?

If the insurance is in effect when the damage occurred, the lack of registration shouldn't matter.

Does home owners insurance cover a shower that leaked in to my basement?

They would not cover the shower, but if the leak was sudden and accidental, they would cover the water damage only. This includes all plumbing appliance.

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good way to get hit with an insurance fraud charge

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