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Are you sure she cheated or are you second-guessing or listening to gossip from friends? If you haven't caught her red-handed then you should never accuse her of this. She may be completely innocent and you are trying to make her admit to cheating. People are innocent until proven guilty! Have you proven for a fact she actually cheated on you? Anything family or friends say is simply "here-say!" I'd really like to hear from you and find out what this overwhelming evidence is. Say you actually did catch her cheating (I highly doubt it) then you must look inward to yourself and see what problems occurred in your relationship and be honest about it. Were you attentive enough towards her and did you treat her well. That means taking her out on dates, having fun with either the two of you or a group of friends. Did you keep dates, turn up on time and did you ever buy her flowers or a small gift just to say "I love you?" Think about it! Relationships take work. Some women will cheat because they don't get certain needs met and I agree it's the wrong way to go and she should have communicated more with you and spoke up about her concerns, but you are At Fault as well because you suspected something was wrong and you only accused her of cheating and never really tried to talk about the problems you may have had together. I'd give her another chance and sit down and hash it out in a calm manner. I think both of you could stand to communicate better and improve on your relationship. Let her tell her side of the story and listen! Then you let her know how you feel and hopefully she'll listen to your needs as well. We all make mistakes (you could cheat at sometime in your life as well) so it's worth another chance.

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Q: If a woman cheats in order to sabotage the relationship why would she deny cheating when she is confronted with overwhelming evidence?
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