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You need to be very patient with those parts since they are very expensive and break easily. Just start redoing it until you get it and it will take couple of hours at it, but got to be patient. I did it on mine and it was a major problem put it all back and then the middle one broke and it cost 700 to replace the whole thing. Cris

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Q: If after taking the AC vents off a 1998 Lexus LS the vent windows do not fit in the vents and they look out of place what do you do?
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Vents should be situated near windows. Windows that are north or west facing should get a vent before a south or east facing window would get one. (Assuming that the vents also supply heat.)

How do you remove the front middle vents from a 1997 Lexus ES 300?

gently pull them off. they are clipped in.

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Were is the location of the amp in a Lexus rx 300?

possibly under 1 of the front seats. move them all the way forward, and unscrew the air vents. possible amp is there

Removing A Stock Radio From A 1999 Lexus ES300?

You have to remove the air vents/hazard lights/defrost button with a screwdriver and then there are 2 bolts that you take out above the radio and that's it.

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How do you get to the radio for 2001 Lexus gs300?

the radio is below the center of the windshield, right below the air vents... If you mean how do you REMOVE the radio then that's another question altogether. PULL out center air vents, REMOVE ashtray, there are 2 bolts there and 2 where you removed the air vent. Remove those and your there.

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