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NO Take it to a garage!!!

If the smoke is white or has a kind of sweet smell to it the it's a problem with your cooling system, (the green liquid is antifreeze). My 92 did the same. I simply parked my car openned the hood then started it (be extremely careful if antifreeze is spraying out or a hose busts you be burnned. I wated for my car to begin to overheat, I looked for where the smoke is coming from, if it is coming from your tail pipe then you probably blew a head gasket. If its coming from the engine compartment then the best step is to look for the leak, in my case my upper radiator hose split and then sprayed onto my exhaust manifold causeing the smoke. That would be a quick $15 fix for a new hose(autozone). If it tends to come out of the right side of the engine then it maybe your lower radiator hose again $15. If not then your water pump probably went out. The leak would be from the left side of the enine and would generally not smoke. A $50 do it yourself fixer or $250 mechanic fixer. Change your oil afterword, if it's a blown head gasket there may be traces of antifreeze (the green liquid) in your oil. If so you need to replace your oil, if it was just a hose, I would change my oil anyways since you probably over-heated your car, brakeing down your oil. - Tony G.

you might have a blown head gaskit frome overheating frome colling systim

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Q: If after two hours in traffic your 1994 Pontiac Sunbird begins to smoke and green liquid comes out the bottom after you park is it safe to drive?
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Where is the drain cock on a 1993 Pontiac sunbird?

on the passenger side bottom corner of the radiator. kind of hard to reach

Where is the radiator drain plug on 1992 v6 sunbird?

The 1992 V-6 Pontiac Sunbird radiator drain plug, is located on the bottom of the radiator. The drain plug can be removed with a 5/8 socket.

Where is the AC Drain hose located on a Pontiac Trans Am 2001?

The 2001 Pontiac Trans Am air conditioning drain hose begins at the bottom of the air conditioner compressor. The drain hose will route evaporation to the bottom of the engine compartment.

Where is the air conditioning condensation drain on a 2003 Pontiac Montana?

The 2003 Pontiac Montana air conditioning compressor condensation drain begins on the bottom of the air conditioner compressor. The drain goes from the compressor to the bottom of the engine compartment.

On a standard traffic light is the green on the top or the bottom?

It is usually on the bottom of the traffic light.

How do you replace a starter on a '92 Pontiac Sunbird SE?

Its not fun but you can do it you have to get under the car and reach up behind the tranny and and pull the wires off the starter and two bolts that hold it in place you can do it from umderneath it doesnt take long and you can get it out from the bottom you just have to move it around to the right position to get it to come out the bottom.

On a traffic light is the green light on the bottom or the top?


Where is the ignition control module in a 93 Pontiac Sunbird?

Not for certain but I would bet that it is under the coil pack. Where the spark plug wires plug into. The coils are many times mounted to it. Module and coil are one piece on a 2.0. Its mounted to the bottom of the intake and can be removed from under the car.

Where is the starter in a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville?

on the bottom side of the engine.

Where is the starter on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am?

Bottom front drivers size

Where are the motor mounts on a 1994 Pontiac Transport 3.8 liter?

They are at the bottom.

Where is the drain on a Pontiac bonniville radiator?

Look at the bottom or rear of radiator

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