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If an 87 Suzuki Samurai runs sluggish and has milky looking oil on the cap does it need to have the head rebuilt or just the gasket replaced?


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2015-07-16 19:30:27
2015-07-16 19:30:27

lets assume that all tests have been done. ie. presence of emissions in the cooling system. cylinder leak down indicates hi leakage into cooling system ect. if these tests prove these theorys then cylinder head service will be needed. further testing of the head will need to be done after removal to determine the cause. however lets keep it there exessive consumtion of coolant? humidity and cold temperatures can cause this sign of milky oil in the cap and is no indication of falty or "broken" car.

Two steps shold be followed with all suzuki products: 1. Drive car into the largest body of water you can find. 2. Buy a Honda or Toyota.

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But need to consider that loss of power and address it alone. If the car is not overheating, then ignore the goo in the cap. Certain climates are worse for this than others. Try to fix the drivability problem first, and it will lead you back to the head if its bad.

Sounds like all the previous answers are possible. However, if you get to removing the cylinder head it is always worth getting it pressure checked as these heads do have a tendancy for going porous due to rubbish grade aluminum being used in the casting process. this gives the same symptoms as a failed head gasket. they can be welded as a repair, but may well end up in the cylinder head needing replacement.


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If it has an automatic transmission, it probably needs to be replaced or rebuilt.

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i don,t know but mine is the same it takes a quart after 600 km. i,m sending it back to where i got it rebuilt

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transmission needs to be rebuilt or replaced, sorry

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Rebuilt. Usually the pistons are replaced etc to work like new.

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Your master cylinder seals are bad, and the unit needs either to be rebuilt or replaced. Replaced is better.

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