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Q: If an American citizen living in Germany marries someone who is not a citizen of Germany can they live in Germany?
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If an American marries someone from Ghana?

They will become an American citizen

If someone has been married and gets divorced but she only has a green card and her ex-husband is a US citizencould she become a US citizen for al the years they were married or does she has to apply?

No, the ex-wife does not have to apply to become an American citizen. She is already one! When she marries the guy, she is officially an American citizen

What did it mean to be an American citizen during colonial times?

If you were an American citizen in the colnial times, you were someone called a colonist. You probably traveled from places like Britian, Germany, Scotland, France, and more. These people were the first American pioneers.

If a US citizen marries someone from Ukraine how can the Ukrainian become a citizen?

I think it doesn't matter were is he/she from.Must be the same rules as for people from other countries!good luck;)

If someone who grows up in Germany with a German passport but his or her father is an American citizen can he or she get a Green Card or visa to live and to work in the USA?


If someone marries someone who is here with an expired visa will they need a co-sponsor to get a green card if the citizen is unemployed?

The citizen has to sponsor n is always the primary sponsor but, yes, co-sponsors are allowed.

Can a 17 year old American citizen marry her boyfriend and he would be able to stay?

Marrying an American citizen does not give someone the right to stay in the country.

If a Canadian citizen in the US on an H-1B Visa marries someone who overstayed their Visa by 4 years how can that person become legal?

no depends were they came from

What does dual national Turkish mean?

I believe this refers to someone who holds citizenship in two countries. So, this could be someone who is a Turkish citizen as well as an American citizen (or some other country's citizen).

What happens if someone entered the country illegally marries a US citizen then that citizen dies?

They're still an illegal immigrant. Mariiage alone does not grant US citizenship to an illegal alien. The formal process of citizenship must still be completed.

What does it mean to be German?

Being German means that you, or someone else, is from, or has ancestors from, the European country of Germany. ___ First and foremost it means being a citizen of Germany.

Can a Canadian citizen live in the US if he or she marries a US citizen?

Yes. When a non-citizen marries a U.S. citizen, s/he can then apply for US permanent residency. It is important to note that you cannot marry someone solely to obtain a green card as that is considered fraud (though, for the most part, it is the government's burden to show fraud, not your burden to show it isn't). A Canadian citizen married to a US citizen should have a simple time getting the required permanent residency visa, though you still must fill out the proper immigration forms and follow the rules to the letter, as NOTHING is automatic.

How does polygamy come into being?

Someone who is already married marries another person, or someone who is not married marries two or more people at the same time.

Which relation are you if your sister marries someone else's brother?

If your sister marries someone else's brother, that brother is your brother-in-law (and you are his brother-in-law or sister-in-law), but you are not related to that someone else.

What makes a good citizen?

I think a good citizen is someone who ....Is proud of their countryRespectfulIs proud to be an AmericanCares for othersLoyalFollows the lawsHard working personSomeone who helps their communitySomeone who gives back to the government or even the peopleThat's my definition of a good citizen.

What is an American citizen?

An American citizen is someone who was either born in the United States and/or its territories (such as Puerto Rico); or has parents who are US citizens (even if the child was born overseas, if the parents are citizens, so is their child); or is someone who legally emigrated to the United States and after living in the US for a certain amount of time (usually five years), follows the procedures for becoming what is called a "naturalized" American citizen.

Who does shikamaru marry?

Shikamaru marries someone not Temari.

Is Audrey Hepburn an American citizen?

No she was not. She was an English citizen because she carried a british passport and driving license. She lived in London. Her father was English. She was not American just because she married an American man. She married someone else after him as well so HA!

If someone marries in the US then goes to Egypt and marries another is the second marriage in Egypt valid?

In Egpyt, yes. A US citizen may NEVER marry more than one person, regardless of where that occurs, and even if it is legal in that country. If you return to the United States only your first marriage will be recognized.

What do you call someone who marries more than one person at once?

A person who marries multiple spouses is known as a polygamist.

Who does everyone marie in Harry Potter?

Harry Potter marries Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley marries Hermoine Granger, Draco Malfoy marries Astoria Greengrass, Bill Weasley marries Fleur Delacour, George Weasley marries Angelina Johnson, and Percy Weasley marries someone named Audrey.

How do you help boyfriend get citizen or resident alien?

You can't help someone who is not an American citizen. They have to get and hold a job in Mexico for one year. Then they can apply to come back but not before.

Are citizens born in Matamoros Mexico amereican?

If you mean "American" as in someone born in the Americas, yes. If you mean "American" as in a US citizen, no; they are Mexican, unless one of their parents is American.

How are you related to a person if your cousin marries their aunt?

If your first cousin marries someone who is the aunt of your friend, you are not related to that friend as a result of that marriage.

Does an African American have to be born in America?

Not all african americans are black. It just means someone who was born in one but is a citizen of the other. For example, someone who was born in Africa but is now an american citizen would be an african american. I'm not sure what others would think about this, but I would suggest you could still be considered an african american if your parents/grandparents immigrated.