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It would most likely be the head gasket as there is water in the oil. The rings would lose compression.

Probably head gasket or cracked head or block.

Most likely the head gasket. For sure not the rings. If you have aluminum head and the engine has been overheated, then a cracked head is likely. Also there are some weird engines are out there. IE some of the GM Quad Four engines have a water pump that is driven by the timing chain. If the seal goes bad in that pump, then water will leak directly into the engine. btw, that particular water pump is probably the worst and hardest water pump replacement job known to cars.

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Q: If an oil-water mix is flowing out of the dipstick would it be caused by a head gasket or rings?
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You have an 1993 jeep Cherokee with 140000 miles and have noticed some foam on the oil dipstick Would that be caused by a bad head gasket or cracked head?

Blown head gasket

95 Cherokee sport oil leaks out of the dipstick even at a quart low?

The oil dipstick has a small gasket at the bottom of the dipstick. Replace the gasket with a new one and the oil should stop leaking.

Is there a dipstick gasket for a VW beetle?

At the end of your dipstick female part (part that stays in engine when you chkng the oil) you have a small rubber seal.

Why is there coolant on your dipstick?

ON a oil dipstick its a sure sign your head gasket is blown. I was lucky once on a camaro where it was just the intake head and not the cylinder head

If your head gasket has gone on your A140 would the dipstick show clear oil on it or would it be a different colour?

When oil and water are combined in the engine it will form a white frothy mixture which will be evident on the dipstick. Definate indicator of a blown head-gasket

Why is there noticeable suction into the crankcase when the dipstick is pulled with the engine running after replacing the intake manifold gasket?

It's supposed to do that.

How do you know if it is a blown headgaskets?

There are several possible indications of a blown head gasket: If the head gasket is blown between adjacent cylinders there will be poor or no compression in either cylinder. Poor compression in any cylinder can be caused by a blown head gasket. That condition can also be caused by a burned valve or piston. Coolant in the crank case can be caused by a blown head gasket. Compression in the coolant can be caused by a blown head gasket. An engine with a blown head gasket usually loses performance and runs poorly or not at all.

What are the signs of needing a new head gasket and head bolt set?

water mixed in oil, check dipstick, looks milky in color. quick overheating. visible leaks around head gasket.

How do you know if you have a blown head gasket or blown head?

ckeck the oil dipstick if the oil has a color like chocolate milk the oil has water/colant in it which means the head gasket is blown and its leakin water into the engine block

Can a tuneup cause a blown head gasket?

No, a normal tune up cannot cause a blown head gasket. A blown head gasket normally is caused by an engine overheating or by a defect in the gasket or head. If it happened right after a tune-up that is just a coincidence.

How to stop overheating on 1996 Chevy Lumina?

you probably have air in cooling system, which is probably caused by blown head gasket(s). Head gasket and intake gasket on these engines are notorious for failing.

What causes the raditor the bubble up not the head gasket?

Overheating can cause this. Air bubbles escaping from the radiator is caused by a blown head gasket.

What do white deposits on your dipstick indicate it is a 98 Audi A3?

water in the oil. cracked head maybe or it could be just the head gasket

Why is dipstick and oil cap milky brown in color?

Most likely blown head gasket but for some reason you have water or coolant in your oil

What is causing the Antifreeze to leak in my a 1998 Chevy lumina when there are not any spots on the ground?

had a 95 3.1L V6 Lumina that would lose AF as well. Maybe your intake manifold gasket or head gasket are going bad. If there is unusual stuff on the oil fil cap or dipstick you have a gasket leak.

What causes a BMW e36 323i to overheat when idle?

Could be a number of things, the thremostat could be stuck shut, preventing coolant flowing through the radiator. It could also be the head gasket (check for coolant loss and mayonaise like gunge under filler cap and on dipstick). COuld also be an airlock or blockage in the cooling system.

Why is there foam in overflow with lots of pressure looks like carmel none on the dipstick 2002 Saturn sl?

sounds like a blown head gasket to me

How could a head gasket be ruined other than over heating If the car already had leaking coolant for a long time would that have caused it?

gasket wears out in time. leaking coolant is the result of a bad gasket not the cause of it.

How do I find the oil dipstick hole on 1999 Pontiac grand prix.Removed dipstick to do head gasket and can't figure where to find the hole?

Look near the spark plugs on the front of the engine. Just to the left and below the oil fill cap on the valve cover.

Water leaking from top engine head is this caused by a water pump or a theromsat you have 1999 Chevy lumnina?

this is caused by a bad head gasket

Milky white oil on dipstick of my 1994 Grand AM?

antifreeze leaking into the engine base. a cracked clyd. head or blown head gasket is probable cause

Can water get in oil from the intake?

It's not impossible, but more likely caused by a head gasket.

How does head and engine get deshaped?

Most likely your head gasket failed and left for too long which caused the heads to warp and need to be resurfaced to put on a new gasket.

What causes the whistling noise coming from the engine for an 01 galant?

whistling noise from engine will be caused by a leaky gasket,sucking air. this is usually the intake manifold gasket

Car is leaking from tansmission cover?

Pan gasket, pump seal or detent/dipstick "o" rings likely culprits. Clean with carb cleaner or similar & see where it is coming from. If you change pan gasket, might as well change fluid/filter.