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If your eight weeks pregnant and your breast tenderness goes away, it doesn't mean that you are going to miscarry. Everyone's body is different. It's o.k. If your so worried than why don't you go get an ultrasound to see if your baby is alright. It's good to get ultrasounds early in your pregnancy anyway.

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2015-07-16 18:21:52
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Q: If at eight weeks your breast tenderness is going away and now only your nipples are sensitive is this normal or are you going to miscarry?
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What is breast tenderness its pain or swelling or hardness or softness of breast or nipples?

Breast tenderness is all of that. It could be tenderness, pain, swelling...etc of a breast or nipple

During ovulation could your nipples not your breasts get very sore and sensitive?

yes some women experience nipple tenderness. This is separate from breast tenderness. Sometimes the breast tenderness may not occur, or may come later in the post-ovulatory stage of the cycle.

Is sensitive nipples a sign of pregnancy?

idk but im experiencing the same thing. normally i have no breast tenderness of sensitive nipples but about a week after i had unprotected sex with my fiance they started becoming really sore to touch so it could be

What is the most sensitive part of a woman's breast?

The Nipples are most sensitive.

Are nipples sensitive to sexual arousal after a breast implant?


What is the signs of breast cancer?

Lumps in your breast is the most common one. Theres also armpit swelling, nipple discarge, pain in nipples, inverted nipples, scaly skin in breast area, persistant tenderness, and unusual pain in breast area.

Signs of 1 month pregnant?

Missed period, breast tenderness or swollen nipples, morning sickness, headaches.

Can your nipples hurt during development?

yes some times you will fell some tenderness around them and that only means your growing breast

Are overly sensitive nipples a sign of being gay?

In a word, No. A person's physical build, voice, or mannerisms have nothing to do with being a homosexual. Additionally, "overly sensitive" is a very subjective term, and could be caused by any number of factors, including age, use of steroids or hormone therapy. Sometimes, people just have very sensitive nipples. Unless you are over 18, have breast tenderness, and/or discharge from your nipples, I wouldn't worry about it too much. (If you are under 18 and going through puberty, sensitive nipples and breasts - that's right, guys have 'em too - are 100% normal.)

Male with a lump and sensitive nipples in your breast?

It is possible for males to grow breast tissue, and it is a painful process. Still, you should consult a doctor.

What could breast tenderness be a sign of?

There are a few different things that breast tenderness can be a sign on. Every month females can experience breast tenderness during their period. However, breast tenderness can also be a sign of pregnancy.

Why do girls like their nipples licked?

Its a very sensitive part if the breast. It has a lot of nerves in it & it stimulates arousal.

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