If condom broke and you ejaculated into her could she be pregnant?


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yup.broken condom means ur semen are in her vagina and there is chances that she get pregnant


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Not unless you had no barrier when you ejaculated into her. If you had the condom on and ejaculated into the condom while you were inside of her, then exited her and changed condoms (unless the condom broke) you could not get her pregnant. The only way for her to get pregnant is if you ejaculated into her or emptied your fluids into her (and most condoms have spermicide). If neither are the case, it is nearly 0% chance that she could get pregnant.

If there are sperm in the condom the woman could get pregnant.

The chances are the same as if the condom was not used at all.

None. If he was wearing a condom when he had sex with you he could not have made you pregnant. Periods can be late sometimes just through worrying about it.

Yes, if a condom breakes and the sperm gets out into the vagina, you can get pregnant. You can also get pregnant if there's sperm on a finger, and it goes up your vagina.

There is the possibility of becoming pregnant in that situation. You should get tested to verify.

Well, the chances are lower than if you just used a non-spermicidal condom that broke, however you could still get pregnant

honestly, it could vary! it really depends on who you are

Yes. Because if the condom broke his sperm goes in side and fertilize the egg so yes you can get pregnant on your first day of your period.

if the condom broke. then yeahh. doesnt matter if you were ending or starting your period. the sperm still gets in. and you still get pregant. sorry unless you were on birth control

If you're using birth control correctly, chances are you won't become pregnant even if the condom broke.If sperm gets into the vagina there ALWAYS is some risk of getting pregnant. Birth control pills are only 98% effective.

Yes. Some semen will leak before the main discharge and it only takes a little to get pregnant.

If you are having unprotected sex let alone he ejaculated in you there is always a good chance that you could be pregnant. If you do not want to get pregnant ALWAYS use a condom in addition to a regular form of birth control.AnswerYes as there is always a chance when having unprotected sex take a hpt immediately or see your dictor.

Yes, you could get pregnant like that. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period. It depends on when you ovulate (release an egg) and if you do this around 12 days after your period, you could be pregnant.

Yes you can, but the chances of you becoming pregnant while taking the pill and using a condom is very small. All birth control is only about 99% effect. As long as you use it right and take you pills right you should be fine.

No you couldn't to get pregnant the boy would have to have ejaculated in you for you to be pregnant. but just because you have sex right after your period doesn't mean you cant get pregnant sperm stays in your body for 5 days after a boy ejaculates inside you so you should still use a condom

If the guy on the 26th was wearing a condom, it is most likely not him. If he wasn't wearing a condom, he could have gotten you pregnant. Pre-cum (the clear stuff that comes out before ejaculation) can have traces of sperm in it, and that can make you pregnant. The guy that ejaculated outside the vagina: On those days the conditions were just right that the semen could have traveled into the vagina, and gotten you pregnant.

yesExcellent.Yes you can get pregnant if the condom splits.

Luckily you are on the pill for double protection as the pill is 98% safe. So you should not be pregnant?

Unless she came in contact with pre-cum that contained sperm, then no. She could be late for a lot of reasons. Her chance of being pregnant is VERY low.

Spermicide is ineffective when used alone, so yes, you could be pregnant. If the male finished ejaculating completley, or hadn't ejaculated at all, the chances are much lower that you are pregnant, because the spermicide would have killed the sperm, but sometimes males emit a substance containing sperm both before or after ejaculaion, which means you could be at risk for pregnancy. Anyways, in most cases, the spermicide probebley would not kill all the sperm if the condom broke, so it would be a good idea to get a pregnancy test or consultation with your gynacologist.

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