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If contributors delete answers that does not agree with his beliefs or amend answers or remove links to favor his beliefs is that lying by omission and also an admission that his beliefs is not valid?


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November 26, 2008 10:08PM

It can mean several things:

# the second contributor (C2) feels very strongly that the originally answer (C1) is incorrect (or that the hyperlinks are quite inappropriate), or

# C2 does not respect other person's rights to have their own beliefs, or # C2 is a vandal and doesn't respect anyone else's contributions, or # that C1 is actually wrong, and C2 is making the necessary corrections, or

# that C2 believes that there can be no other religion than their own, or

# that C2 believes that beliefs and opinions are the same as facts, but that his beliefs are real facts, but that other people's beliefs and opinions are not real facts. # none of the above! Whatever the situation, Questions and Answers on religious topics on WikiAnswers should be written in accordance with the published Wiki guidelines on such sensitive and personal issues where feelings can often over-ride the need to provide an impartial and answer to a religious question. * PLEASE SEE WikiAnswers Guidelines in 'Related links' below this box.