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Mosquitoes primarily feed on nectar from flowers. Both males and females will feed in this manner, sucking the nectar through a proboscis, much the same as a butterfly does. However, the female is also capable of drinking blood, an act called haematophagy. Females do not require blood to survive, but they need supplements, such as protein and iron, to enable them to develop and lay their eggs. Only the females drink blood because ( as said before) females need the supplements from our blood to lay their eggs. Also, the females are designed for drinking blood. So if you see a mosquito and it flies away from you , you will know it is a male.

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Why female mosquito cause malaria not male mosquito?

Male Mosquitoes drink nectar and sweet liquid. Male Mosquitoes do not drink blood. Their only danger to humans is their breeding with females.

Do mosquitoes drink mammals blood?

Yes. But not all mosquitoes, only female mosquitoes.Mosquitoes do bite mammals as they bite us and we are mammals.

Why do only female mosquitoes drink your blood?

They only drink blood because it helps them produce more eggs.

What gender of mosquitos drink blood?

Only the female mosquito drinks blood. Female mosquitoes have to drink enough blood to have eggs to have their babies. If they don't get enough blood they won't have young. The reason of this is that the female mosquito doesn't have enough blood to make their own young. That is why the female mosquito needs to borrow blood from humans and OTHER ANIMALS that will give warm blood.

Do mosquitoes drink warm blood or cold blood?

Mosquitoes drink whatever blood they find.

Why do mosquitoes drink blood?

Both male and female mosquitoes will survive just fine by drinking nectar. But in order to reproduce, the female needs additional nutrients (obtained from animal blood).

What do male mosquitoes eat?

olny female mosquitoes drink human blood why becase to provide healthy saliva befor she lays her egg i dont

How much does a mosquito hold?

Female mosquitoes can drink 1-5 microliters of blood. Since they vary in size, they vary in how much they can drink.

Where does plasmodium vivax live in the mosquito?

Gametophytes of plasmodium get ingested by mosquitoes when they drink blood. They live in the mosquitoes' mid gut and form into oocytes. These are passed onto humans when they are bitten by the infected mosquitoes.

Do male mosquitoes drink blood?

no. they don't. they drink nectar

What does mosquito eats?

Female mosquitoes drink blood. The males, however, feed on plant nectar like bumbles bees. They do not drink blood. So next time you get bitten by a mosquito, you'll know it was definitely a female!

Do mosquitoes drink animal blood?

No they don't

What do male mosquitos eat?

Male mosquitoes eat nectar from flowers and various other plants. Female mosquitoes do the same as well but mostly drink blood to feed their babies.

Do mosquitoes drink human's blood?

Yes, they do. They like human's blood because it's taste good for them. So be careful with all of them, especially the female one.

Do mosquitoes drink period blood?

There is not that much blood in period blood, despite appearances. It's not likely to be as useful to mosquitoes as blood from a skin puncture.

Do mosquitoes drink mule deer blood?

Yes, mosquitoes will feed on most any animal.

What type of food does male mosquitoes eat?

Males drink blood but not human blood. Only females drink the human blood. The males drink animal blood.

Can humans drink blood?

Yes, humans can drink blood but it is not recommended because of blood borne illnesses.

Why do Mosquitoes carry diseases?

not all mosquitoes carry diseases. But if they drink a diseased persons blood they can easily pass on the disease by passing on the blood to another.

What are What are facts about mosquitoes?

they drink blood giving you malaria and H.I.V/AIDS

Why mosquitoes kills people?

they dont kill people they just drink their blood ,and when they drink there blood their saliva goes in the human blood causing a desease.

Can humans drink animal blood or any other kind of blood?

Yes, humans can drink blood but it is not recommended because of blood borne illnesses.

How do the mosquitoes use your blood?

Both male and female mosquitoes are nectar feeders, but the females of many species are also capable of hematophagy (drinking blood). Females do not require blood for their own survival, but they do need supplemental substances such as protein and iron to develop eggs. Our blood is essential for mosquitoes as it provides the protein mosquito eggs need for development. While fertilization occurs only after a blood meal, the blood does not fertilize the eggs. Mosquitoes reproduce sexually, and they eat blood. Often, it is only the females which drink blood, and they use this food as fuel for creating eggs.

What insect drinks your blood?

Insects which drink blood include: * Mosquitoes * Lice * Bed bugs * Fleas

Is a misquito a carnivore omnivore or herbivore?

In general, mosquitoes are pollinators, meaing they drink nectar and spread pollen from flower to flower. This means that they are herbivores. However, pregnant female mosquitoes suck blood in order to provide protein to their developing eggs.

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