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Maybe. It's kind of hard to locate a model number in a 2000 page book without knowing which manufacturer to look under, so, could you share any other markings that you find on the gun?

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 19:18:52
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Q: If g457 is stamped under the lever of your 22 cal single shot is that the model number?
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What is the model number of your j Stevens lever action the patent date stamped on the barrel mar 1910 it is a 32 rem cal?


What model Ithaca is a single shot lever action 22 magnum?


Where is the model number on a Meriden firearm?

Mainly identified by features, not a stamped number.

How can you tell what your shotgun model is?

There should be a stamped model number on the left side of your barrel. The serial number will be on the reciever; however, the model number is on the barrel.

History or model number on a Winchester lever action 20 gauge shotgun with serial 113835?

What you have is a Model 1885 Single Shot (high-wall) shotgun that was manufactured in the year 1913.

I have single shot colt pistol and am not sure of the claiber or model number There is a No 2 stamped on the barell Any idea what type of gun this is or what it's worth The serial number is 6322?

if you would look on the barrel you might find the model number and caliber...............

How do you find model number on Yamaha trombone?

Model names or numbers are usually stamped on the bell.

Do you have a model number for a 9mm pistol stamped made in belgium Serial T283630?

There is no model number. The "T" stands for sport.

Where do you find the model number on an old savage 22 rifle?

It should be stamped on the barrel It should be stamped on the barrel

Are the barrels stamped with the serial number on the Model 41 Smith and Wesson?


How do you find out how old an Allis Chalmers Model B tractor is?

The model and tractor number for 1938 to 1957 model B's is stamped in a pad next to the gear shift lever. It will most likely have a Bxxx with 3 or more numbers after. Then go to tractor data dot com find the year of the serial number.

What is the value of a Ithica model m48 lever action 22 single shot?

No such model. There was a Model 49. Vary from 50-165 or so

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