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not really its probably because she not horny and when a girl does get roused up her cliteris is hard just the same way as a boy's penis is hard and then juices start to flow in her vagina and then her vagina is wet.


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No, a woman's vagina is always wet/moist due to discharge which keeps it healthy and clean. The vagina get more wet when she's aroused.

A girls vagina getting "wet" is served as the purpose of a lubricant. It has nothing to do with fertilization.

its when girls vagina relises discharge and it becomes wet ... your up up sex (all the time )

It is simply the wet wet of a womans vagina.

If it comes into contact with the vagina, then yes, you can

When a girl is aroused sexually her vagina will secrete vaginal fluids. The purpose of this is to lubricate the vagina in preparation for vaginal sexual intercourse. The term "wet" in reference to girls and guys is referring to this process.

The reason why is because your vagina is more sensitive than other girls but dont west wet underwear it will cause your vagina to smell like fish

a girl gets wet fluids come from her vagina

Any time that fresh semen enters the vagina there is a chance that the woman may become pregnant.

if your vagina gets wet it means: a) you have pissed yourself b) you have had a period c) you have got discharge

On the bracelets "keep it wet"mean keep your vagina wet. Keep it juicy .

She is not sexually aroused or ready to have sex. She may feel like she wants it, but her body is not ready.

Yes because the sperm would be transferred into her vagina towards her ovum

Yes, it doesn't matter how the sperm get inside the vagina. If it's in it can get you pregnant.

When they are sexually turned on, they will do the same thing a guy will do to become erect.

It is very unlikely you could get pregnant. Sperm has to have contact with the vagina to have any chance of your becoming pregnant.

Yes, it doesn't matter how the sperm get inside the vagina. If it's in it can get you pregnant.

Her vagina gets "wet." It's a girls way of "lube-ing" up for some penetration.

During sexual intercourse at the point of orgasm, the wetness is vaginal lubricant.

no it means your horny and you need to have a girl come over so u can plesure each other and have the man just watch

Semen on the outside of your clothes can't get you pregnant, virgin or otherwise. In order to get pregnant, the sperm has to enter your uterus through the vagina.

When aroused, a woman's vagina and the surrounding area will become moist with a natural lubricant.

She probably wants to get wet or masturbate

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