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If given the option of either getting an AA degree or not going to college at all is an AA degree really worth it?


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You're always better off with a degree. When listed on applications it shows you took the time to complete a course of study at a college. However AA degrees will get your foot in the door at msot companiess, but don't really expect any spectacular salaries when you start unless you get promoted. However, some employers will not accept an AA degree and instead they'll look for candidates with bachelors degrees. This is because bachelors degrees have significantly more education than AA degrees. Absolutely! Your AA degree allows you to check that "Some College" box on an employment application instead of just "High School or Equivelant". It shows employers that you take education seriously and you can always fall back on the fact that you're taking a break from school, but plan to return to complete your bachelor's down the road. In your lifetime, the average person who completes at least some college has been shown to earn almost $200,000 more than someone who hasn't. Think about it!