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You're always better off with a degree. When listed on applications it shows you took the time to complete a course of study at a college. However AA degrees will get your foot in the door at msot companiess, but don't really expect any spectacular salaries when you start unless you get promoted. However, some employers will not accept an AA degree and instead they'll look for candidates with Bachelors Degrees. This is because bachelors degrees have significantly more education than AA degrees. Absolutely! Your AA degree allows you to check that "Some College" box on an employment application instead of just "High School or Equivelant". It shows employers that you take education seriously and you can always fall back on the fact that you're taking a break from school, but plan to return to complete your bachelor's down the road. In your lifetime, the average person who completes at least some college has been shown to earn almost $200,000 more than someone who hasn't. Think about it!

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What is the best college to go to for a criminal justice degree?

Your best option for a criminal justice degree is to select a reputable, accredited college or university that happens to have a criminal justice degree program.

Is robotic engineering a college major?

There are colleges and universities that have an engineering degree with a robotics option.

is photography a college major option?

Photography is definitely an option for a college major. Many people who want to work for newspapers or magazines will study photography. It is generally part of an Arts Degree.

Why do many questionnaires only have 'some college' as an option for people who have an associate's degree?

I hate how some applications don't have "Associates Degree" as an option. If you have an associates degree and you are filling out an application like that, you should write "Associates Degree in ____" on the side. I think that shows pride in your achievements, and you deserve to feel proud of getting an associates degree. "Some college" does not mean "associates degree". Someone who took 2 college classes could check "some college", and you took about 20. I agree with the above contributor. Applications should have a designation for the completion of an Associates degree. An Associates degree shows completion. There are Associates degrees as an Registered nurse, in Technology, Educating, multiple Allied Health fields, and the list goes on, and on, and on. As stated above, if it were me I would make sure I indicated the Associates degree on the application. Viper1

What college studies do you need to become a event planner?

One option is to take a degree in Hospitality Management.

How can one get into hotel management?

If you are interested in a future in hotel management working your way up the ranks is an option. You can get a hospitality degree on line. You can get an business degree at an accredited college.

What type of college degree do ghost hunters need?

Ghost hunters can earn a degree in parapsychology and paranormal studies although it is more of an option for this career than a requirement.

What will be better option in choosing a good college or good trade?

Choosing a trade can be a good decision as some jobs don't require college. Jobs like an auto mechanic do not require a four year degree. When obtaining a four year degree, it is wise to do an internship in fields like medical and engineering. Either one can be wise, depending on what you are going into.

Where can one study a degree in economics?

Most recommend you study economics either at a local university or college (assuming one near-by has an economics course). If that isn't an option, there are many online universities and colleges which offer degrees in economics.

What classes should you take to get an associate's degree?

The ones required by the college that grants the degree. Your academic catalog and your adviser should be able to lay out exactly what classes are required and what option you have.

Where do I go for a finance degree?

For a degree in a few years, online courses and career-colleges are an option, however these limit your career opportunities. A 4-year college will set you up with a degree in finance that employers will be impressed by.

How many years in college to be a medical assistant?

Postsecondary medical assisting programs are offered in vocational-technical high schools, postsecondary vocational schools, and community and junior colleges. Programs usually last either 1 year and result in a certificate or diploma, or 2 years and result in an associate degree. The community college associate degree option is highly recommended.

What can be a suitable alternative if you are not able to afford textbooks for your college?

either buy used textbooks or use renting option,

At what London universities can you study magazine publishing for a degree?

There are quite a number of various universities in London that offer the option of studying for a magazine publishing degree. One is the London College of Communication.

Is it better to get an associate's degree bachelor's degree in nursing or masters?

The higher the degree the more doors of opportunity that will be opened to you. That being said, you will need the bachelor's degree before you pursue the masters. You have the option of starting with an associates or going directly for the bachelor's in nursing (BSN) degree. Many individuals choose to start with the associates degree for a variety of reasons to include getting out into the workforce sooner, and the expense is typically less when starting out at a community college. Still, it is up to you which you prefer to start with.

What degree is the best for business?

A business degree would be a good option.

What is better Master's degree in Accounting or associate's degree in Accounting?

I have already done Bachelor's in Accounting. Now confused to what to do further. I don't want to go for mater's. Is there any other option which can get a decent job. I though of going for Associate degree from a Comm college. Suggest pls? Or give other option that I can pick for further studies. Thank you very much.

How long of it going to college for becoming a photogpher?

You can obtain an associates degree which is designed as a two year program of study as a full-time student, provided the student takes the degree as prescribed by the college. Many community colleges offer an option in photograph through their fine arts department.

What kind of Education do you need to be a Pediatric nurses?

Typically, there are three basic approaches. An associates degree, a bachelor's degree, or a diploma from an accredited school of nursing (usually hospital based). The third option (for individuals without a degree) I strongly do not recommend. The preferred option is acquiring a degree. The associates degree is a two year program of study once the student enters the professional phase of the program. The bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) is a four year program of study. You can choose to start with either.

What is a good college or university to attend to become a history teacher?

The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville offers a Master of Arts in Teaching degree where you can choose History as an option to teach.

Which colleges off accredited online law degrees?

There are many options for one to receive a law degree. Studying online is option for those interested in getting an accredited online law degree. You have to compare an contrast the pros and cons of the schools you are interested in.. Than decide on the best school and option that fits your needs.

Is RV college an option in getting through pgcet for mca?

yes if u have done studies in karnataka for some years .,,,i think 5 years

Can you work on your associates degree starting in high school?

Yes, with the involvement of CLEP testing, AP testing, concurrent enrollment, and early college, the opporunity to receive a degree by graduation has become a very feasible option. Takes planning but contacting your college of choice to find their specific opportunities is the best way to look.

Where could I obtain a FAFSA form?

To obtain a FAFSA form, one can either ask for one at the college he or she is applying to, often the college will have printed FAFSA forms. Another option is doing the application online at

How do you get a degree in Liberal Arts for Journalism?

You need to look at the college or university's list of majors and options. Journalism may be placed as an option within liberal arts, English, or communications. The counseling office should be able to help you choose the correct option.